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Bantam House


The Bantam House 



This coop was the second coop my dad and I built because the first one turned out so well. We also decided to build this coop because we wanted to get some bantam chickens. This coop is my favorite because I helped more with the design and over all look of the coop as well as building it. I don't however have a lot of building details (such as measurements etc.) on the coop. The pictures will pretty much speak for themselves. We built this coop strictly off of the materials we had laying around from an old garden shed and other things that we don't use (such as wheels off of old push mowers). The only things we purchased were the hinges for the doors and chicken wire. We haven't yet, but we plan on buying feeders that will hang from the bottom of the coop. That's pretty much all I have to say. I will try to describe each picture the best I can as we go. So here are the pictures and I hope you enjoy them.




Here is the basic frame of the coop.




The handles pictured here are ment for picking up the end so it's easier to move in angles.



Pictured here is the door.



The ramp going into the coop.



Here is the back with the heart shaped ventilation.



Here is the window with shutters and hand painted heart trim at the top.



The inside looking out the window.



The door for the coop and the small heart door on bottom for easy food and water access. Also hand painted hearts on the top trim.



The front "Bantam House" with heart shaped ventilation at the top.



Here is what the window looks like open and another small heart door on bottom for easy food and water access.



Here is the inside with the roost and nesting box.




The back "Ain't nobody here but us chickens"



All the chickens names listed: Cosmo, Ginger, Shadow and Smokey




This is the setup we have for the other chicken coop and what we plan on doing for The Bantam House.



Here is the comparison picture between the standard size coop and The Bantam House.


Comments (24)

Love the aesthetic touches - especially the heart cut-outs.
Thanks our chickens love looking out of the hearts when sitting on the roost lol
Very cute. I love the names and the "Ain't nobody here..." on the back.
That's adorable! I was also thinking of adding chicken footprints to our coop ramp :) How do you get your letting so perfect on your signs? Do you use stencils? It came out great!!!
Thank you Bulldogma!! To answer your question chicksbunsdog the lettering for the whole coop was cut out from my cricut and then traced onto the coop and name plaques. Since the cricut allows me to cut the letters in many different sizes it was easy to shrink the the same lettering for the name plaques so everything matched. After it was traced I just sat and tediously painted each letter to perfection. It took a long time but the end result was well worth it.
It really was worth the effort - it looks beautiful!
Great design and color scheme!
Very nice. I like the chicken tracks on the ramp :) Looks like both are easy to clean out too, with the side doors being so big.
Aw, it's so cute and funny! LOL! Thanks for sharing!
Love the heart theme, the colors and the design! You should be helping design more! Great job!
I love love love this little bantam house. I have fallen in love with silkies <3 and plan on using this one as reference for theirs asap :) Thanks for sharing it.
 Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the Chicken Coop - Picture of the Week. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process 
 Yeah, that's pretty much adorable.  Nice job!
 That is sooooo cute!!! Adorable hearts and I love the footsteps on the ladder. :) 
Congrats on these coops ! They are totally adorable ! I think you should go into business with these - I,m sure every well healed chicken would look great in one !  
Very nice tractor, you and your Dad did a great job. Good luck with your peeps :)
 That is such a cute coop.
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