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Bantam Tractor or Coop


We started building the new coop! Its a 6x3 tractor with a slanted tin roof and coop with nesting boxes and a roost. So excited!! Here are the plans:

image of the plans    

After cutting the major pieces and starting to notch all the lap joints... plus a close up of the notches.

Image of all the side pieces laid out     

This is a close up of the lap joint after being glued and attached. Notice the seamstress notations! *My addition* to his carpentry skills. :)

Image of a finished lap joint with seamstress notations

Hard at work rasping and filing! 

Image of me rasping a lap joint     smiling and rasping


Things are starting to come together!!

Putting the coop support wall together     the skeleton is almost together...


Starting to paint!!


12 - 1.jpg


12 - 2.jpg



12 - 3.jpg


Got the walls cut and fitted for the Hen house. Next is to paint and attach them. We are saving that door until last... 


12 - 4.jpg


Just  another view. Notice that the side wall goes all the way down to the bottom of the coop. We were not going to keep that but they love sitting in there in the temp coop.


12 - 3 (1).jpg


And, one of the ladies checking out the new digs! She was confused to say the least but it looked like a good curious confusion. 



12 - 2 (1).jpg                     12 - 5.jpg


We fitted the roof slats and finished painting last week. Last night, we attached the first section of hardware cloth. Hopefully, the ladies should be enjoying the new coop by tonight!!!




Tin roof held on with 3/4 inch roofing screws (rubber seal).


IMG_20120219_093850 (1).jpg


The ramp, being held on with an eye and hook assembly that came with the screen door assembly

(we only used the hinges and will add the handles after the trim)







wee.gifThe  Finished Chicken Mansion!!!wee.gif



photo (3) (1).JPG


And, with the coop door open (french doors!) 


photo (4) (1).JPG


 celebrate.gif  Yes, those are icicle lights celebrate.gif


photo (1) (1).JPG     


She's not too sure about this ramp thing ... but she'll get there.


photo (2) (1).JPG




Will update again when we add the trim. Thanks for looking!!







THANKS for picking us for 'Chicken Coop - Picture of the Week'! 



Comments (21)

The lights are awesome - I have a string of C9 colored lights in mine - I think they appreciate the ambiance. Great job!
Great looking tractor! And I'm another fan of those lights...hmmm...I'll be checking at Big Lots this week...
Nice and simple! Gonna use this for my silkies and seramas! Really good job.
Love love love it! Your girls are pretty cute, too!
I love how awesome and simple this coop is! The lights add that "perfect" touch! :-)
Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the CC-POW. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-Pow here: CC-Pow Process
Love this! Definitely an option for our backyard coop! Thanks for sharing!
Do you have to worry about the chickens pecking the lights? I love the idea.
great job! Love the icicle lights!
Seeing you do this, I now think i will try this ....thanks for the inspired me... u r such a blessing.
Dont keep the hens up too late with the party lights
Love the whole design of it. Especially the lighting! We are still trying to figure out which coop to build.
love it ! great job , are those 2 x 2"s ?
PS Love the very romantic Icycle lights - should make for some very happy chicks LOL :)
nice, & practical coop design! came out very cute too!
WOW. Thanks everyone!! This was my dream coop. If/when we change/add things I'll add the additions!! Here are some answers to the questions that have been posted.

@Sunnysimplelife: In the roosting area, the lights are pulled up, they can't reach (banties!)
@treehouse: yes, they are 2x2's
This is so awesome, we are going to build this for our silkies! Love IT!
Love the coop. How heavy is it? How do you move yours? How many chickens are you keeping in it? Again, I really like it and it seems quite simple.
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