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Belgian Bearded d'Anvers (or Barbu d'Anvers) are true bantams with the standard weight of cocks being 26 oz. and the standard weight of hens being 22 oz. They are very energetic and are usually friendly, although the males can be aggressive. Aggressiveness varies from strain to strain, and bird to bird.

There are nine varieties listed in the APA Standard of Perfection, these being: Black, Blue, Cuckoo, Mille Fleur, Mottled, Porcelain, Quail, Self Blue and White. All of these were admitted to the standard in 1949, with the exception of the Self Blue which was admitted in 1988. In the ABA Standard of Perfection the additional varieties are also listed: Black Breasted Red (BBR), Blue Quail, Buff, Buff Columbian and Columbian. The Quail is, by far, the most popular of all the varieties in this bantam. The Blue Quail, however, is following in it's darker counterpart's footsteps. Other varieties, such as the BBRs and Columbians are very rare, if they even exist in the states at all.

They are excellent barnyard chickens and typically do well in the show room. In this way they are excellent birds for starting out. For hatching though, while there are many strains with good layers, sometimes these little bantams are difficult to hatch or obtain stock of. Aside from this, they are a relatively easy breed to maintain and condition.

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Looking for some eggs of D'Anvers of all colors do you know ware I can get some?
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