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Nankins, sometimes called Nankeens or Nanking are Asian, are believed to have originated in the Nanking region of China. Similarities in their color to a light cloth made in Nanking are given credit for their name.

Nanking RoosterNankins are a very old breed and are used in the makeup of a few other breeds of bantams. They were at one time one of the most popular breeds in Britain. Sadly, they are today one of the rarest breeds of bantams, both in the USA and Europe.

Rose and single comb birds exist today with single comb believed to be the older of the two. Nankins weight in ounces are cocks 24 oz. and hens 22 oz.

Nankins are mixtures of chestnut colors. Hackles in roosters should be lustrous orange red, back--chestnut red, with front of neck medium chestnut. The main tail black, sickle feathers black with thin lacing of medium chestnut.

Nankin hens are not noted for their laying. Many laying 5 to 8 eggs then going broody. They do make good mothers. Nankins do not range too far from the hen house as a rule, and are one of the friendliest of all the Bantams.

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