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Bawk Bawk- Chickens in your yard

I've always wanted chickens, but my mom said no! Now I'm the grown up and with a little bribing my hubby said yes!

     In the second year of our marriage my husband wanted to get an expensive taylormade driver for Easter, so i told him only if i could get some chickens... and i guess he wanted that driver pretty bad cause that weekend we went to CAL-Ranch and bought me four baby chicks. Two barred rocks and two golden sex-links or i believe also called red stars. (we had them about 7 months before chickens in the city was legal... oops) 

     We raised them in a spare room till it was warm enough for them outside. Then we converted and old unused rabbit hutch into their coop. At a few months old we lost one of our barred rocks to a neighbors dog sad.png ( heart break! but I'm pretty sure that one was a roo)


    But now two years later i have my three happy hens, that are legal.

In order of the "Order" wink.png

At the bottom of this picture is Nugget my largest bird who also lays the largest and darkest Eggs!

Second in command is Scamper the Barred Rock she is my favorite. She lays eggs on the smaller side but makes up for it with personality!

The smallest hen is Red (little red) she can lay massive eggs for her size and sometimes they are bigger than Nuggets eggs! She is also more shy.June 2011 (3).JPG


(below) Scamper at 2 years. She must love pictures cause i can always get good ones of her! 

scamper 2 2012.jpg


(below) Red stashing her eggs

June 2011 (8).JPG

  June 2011 (12).JPG


(below) Scamper's egg compared to Nugget's egg

eggs 5.JPG


(below) Scamper is the best! She is silly.



(below) Treat time! I give them all sorts if things but they love bird seed!

May 2011 (6).JPG

january2 2012.jpg


(below) 5 or 6 months old

5 months scamper (3).jpg


(below) I taught Scamper and Nugget how to come up the deck stairs, now they love hanging out there



(below) Koda our chicken dog!

6 months (2).jpg


(below) I talked my husband into letting me have three more babys!  (I call this the chicken sandwich)



(below) my EE chick named Roo (kangaroo not rooster)




(below) The buff orpingtons in the back are Sobe and Noodle, and Roo in the front




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They are sooo cute...I can't to get our baby chicks this April.
Thanks! I'm working on trying to get a couple more this spring too! ;)
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