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Buy Sell Trade (BST) FAQs






Understanding BYC’s New Classified Section

updated: January 2012

This article will allow you to understand the new Buy – Sell –Trade Classified System on BYC.

First Please Read the Buy - Sell - Trade System Rules:

Now let’s look at the new Buy Sell Trade Classified System:

What can you do with the Buy – Sell – Trade Classifieds?
  • List items For Sale
  • List items For Trade
  • List items For Sale or Trade
  • List items For Free
  • List items that are Wanted

You can filter the classifieds to view:
  • For sale items
  • For trade items
  • Free items
  • Wanted items
  • Closed classifieds
  • Classified creation date
  • Classified last update date
  • By price starting with lowest or highest price



How to create a new classified:


  1. Click the “Create a New Classified” buttonC7pfMwRt82G7RwuqEV0qsq8Hcfx24DNFrKzVC7y-d1oRlo9QkdzSFYdQVa2pHIXC9oA_3nm264WIpPrry0x0Yxl3kce71aHF2vfrLhYT3mkYxGZjUUs
  2. First select whether the item is for sale, for trade, for sale or trade, or wanted.
  3. Set the name for your classified.
  4. Set the price of your item (the price you are willing to pay if a Wanted ad).  You may only put numerals / decimals / commas in this spot.   You have the option of selecting the “or best offer” box too.
  5. For sale and trade items, you must also select where you are willing to ship.
  6. Give a detailed description of your classified.
  7. Be sure to include shipping information (if provided) to include method of shipping and cost.
  8. Upload images associated with your classified. The first image you upload will be set as the primary image on the classified and will display from the classified index page. At any time, you can upload additional images. This step is optional.
  9. You can also select your subscription preference for the classified.


FYI - in order to get the most of your listings, we recommend that you combine classified ads of similar items as long as you are not running as an auction.  This actually allows you to sell more items!


If the prices are different then either put the highest price in the price box or $0 in the price box and then list out the prices with the items in the description.


  1. Click "Save Classified Ad" when you are satisfied with your ad. You can update your listing at any time.zAEKpq02H7hvq007GNrGQ58A7DJnG_xpynExUNjHjHdr2HAzxTEeTcogQseRWjQTT6ZvgPyOHG1U832lqt6bhdNlcPOtiFqM9LlOAmPE_RAJAHrV5Lo
  2. To Edit a listing click  “Edit Details” on the classified page.  This will take you to the Editor so that you may change your classified details.uLZ_h3z7HoBxDhtZ9UeI8vg4wVRAfhkA1e8cfD9PVooLz9ubq37fWkRGRiUePluO2NtjY4zv87NmjvuoZ7zHUn6NM4UQpEsXg6kFvFCnC2_MXonireg


Edit Details will allow you to edit all parts of your listing including the thumbnail pics.

From this screen you can choose which of your thumbnail pics will be the "Primary" or the one that displays with the listing.

Edit Classified “Books by ELeVan (elevan)” in Everything Else - Google Chrome_2012-01-19_19-23-57.jpg


You can also edit the thumbnail pics by clicking on one of the pics:

edit pics.jpg


And then you'll see the option to remove / delete or Make Primary:

edit pics 2.jpg

  1. When you are ready to close your classified, click "Close Listing" on the classified page. This will take you to the last page of the classified wizard where you can close the listing as sold, traded, or just "closed". Do not label your listing as sold or post any remarks that say it is sold - simply close the listing and members will know that it has sold.deBsgcN2xdhiLXFxY-jSfLcuPP5_6MIS8-RiiWrVjRM-3bvyNQt23IRNOhpRSsODVVShAL3njJBC-36rhaNxSkwclelUog0Whvd4mD9DYJAfXVxTER4
  2. Once a listing is closed, you have the option of reopening it.  Click on “Reopen Listing”. This is only recommended for Buy It Now type of classified ads. (Please do not use with the auction workaround discussed below...for those you want to create a new listing).9f_3DH8sQFnemn_x9GwzVmSoWC1msk2dfVx-kS7iMbWQ4GVt6xj57eupEToN2JOKiTVpmpWfajHTitTuJ8vo2JHi-JKKoc5wXznLB7ttnZHVrqliSIYPlease note that when you Reopen a listing that all of the previous comments will be visible again.  This is why you do not want to label your ad as sold at any point.  The comments / questions of  previous members who interacted with the ad will be beneficial to new members who interact, so that the same questions are already answered.  If you have any posts in the ad once it is reopened that may confuse your buyers and make them think that the item is no longer available, then please report the post and ask a member of staff to remove it as you reopened the listing and it is causing confusion.



Regarding Auctions on the new Buy Sell Trade Classified System:


Nifty-Chicken wrote:
“Auctions:   The new system currently only supports "classifieds" (similar to our Buy It Now) system.   We're pushing to eventually add auction functionality onto the new system, but that is probably a pretty long ways away.    In the interim we'll need to find ways to work within the new system to do a pseudo-auction where peeps post how much they are willing to bid within the thread posts.    The good news is that the new system puts more power into the hands of the seller so they can choose who they accept as the buyer / winner.”


We’ve come up with an auction work around that could be listed similar to this (all of these points must be included in the ad):
  1. Place a “For Sale” Classified
  2. Title your ad as Auction: “Item name" (You must put "Auction" in the title)
  3. In the price box put your starting bid and check the “or best offer” box.
  4. Choose your shipping criteria.
  5. In your description:
    1. State first that this is an “Auction Formatted Listing - Do not PM to bid! - Place bid in a reply!”.
    2. Describe the item being auctioned.
    3. State that the “Bidding starts at $---”
    4. State what the bidding increments are “Additional bids will be in $0.05 increments”.
    5. Give instructions on how to bid.  “Place your bid as a reply.  Make sure to keep checking back to up your bid as needed.  Don’t forget to subscribe to this listing so you don’t get out bid!"
    6. Give Shipping details (if provided) to include shipping method and cost.
    7. State the TIME and DATE that the auction will end.  Make sure that you put your TIME ZONE with your time.  For example:  “Auction will end at 5:00 pm EST on January 5, 2012”  Any bids after that time do not count.

Please note: Auction type listings need to be closed when complete. This is the seller's responsibility. If you wish to start a new auction that is for the same type of item you will need to start a new listing from scratch as reopening a listing will bring back all previous posts (which were bids to your auction).



Auction Workaround Template (copy / paste into your listing filling in anything marked in blue):

This is an Auction Formated Listing - Please do not PM to bid! - Place your bid in a reply.

Bidding will start at: $_______
Additional bids will be in increasing $_____ increments


Shipping will be via <INSERT SHIPPING METHOD> at a cost of <INSERT SHIPPING COST>



Please place your bid as a reply to this classified (do not PM to bid!).
Subscribe to this classified auction using the immediate notification setting when you bid so that you can stay informed!



So, your listing would look similar to this:

New Classified in Chicken Hatching Eggs - Google Chrome_2012-01-11_10-27-38.jpg




Adding pics in a classified:


Create your classified based on the instructions in the BST FAQs.


Click Select Photos.


Posting pics in auc.jpg


Select the picture file you want to insert and click Save:


Select a pic.jpg


The number of files you have selected will be displayed (it will not show the pictures):




Then you will hit the submit button to submit your ad:

New Classified in Chicken Hatching Eggs - Google Chrome_2012-01-17_21-52-30.jpg





To add pictures to the description (post) section of the classified, please use the instructions detailed here:




Understanding the Classified Feedback System

The feedback system is designed to allow members who participate in a transaction to leave each other both public and private feedback. When a member leaves feedback, they agree to follow the Buy, Sell, Trade rules which include these general BST guidelines: 

To give feedback on a transaction:

  1. Go to a member’s feedback page. A link “Trader Feedback” to this page is accessible from the member’s profile, from the classified listing page, or from the post bit (section where the avatar / member name is located in a post) on any of their posts.

Here is a view from the member’s profile - RwyAhHfcbtoxERMurkRdkCCOkn5CZ6E6VHV-p0TvjCeJAPTD4ratIhNS7YULJYkpz-5Gpyr4gjah2e9ovgwRHGXqmT4DDJPJMkb4AGT8Khq0SB8vJZ8



Here is how to get to the Feedback page from the listing (click on the Feedback Number) -







  1. Click the "Leave Feedback" button.0wPEr8M33lilfrPg72dbk8kxW64raqC6ADFV5c7pK0bUUoggsbzCh-7ZafxHoM2jJ7XlVbA453EmVCyiOREMdB0nbyPfjn6-EOs6gXJ38RbFL7b9RuM
  2. On the Feedback form, enter the URL (web address) of the classified item. This classified MUST have been started by the member you are leaving feedback for. 0bXldbzT6hrCXl2v8HNIQBGow6Dv8PIl2cTC4_-lST7CiBQ8aRx2irtFL17UV-49EWPtOjJ82fpbODetkzVVaLB-wPD6C3s8VH9kRHC6t3hKxXigoks
  3. Select which member played which role in the transaction.
  4. Give the experience an overall positive, neutral, or negative rating.vwaOsmBJSAOq_ypVjdq537EaNoaRM0yZwmMGI1CVqsLpuvNB8grH2XIN1NtO26WohRadBxV-5e2e53fLT3XKCDCCghOdiQlxOpI2Zov8MN58spvl3mQ
  5. Finally, leave any public and private comments. The public comments will appear to everyone on that member’s feedback page. The private comments will only display for you and the other member.ba32DCvycitxdKFS9kPpnXJZsMderMIeM7BvlG0hcBbbMLf3B8OI6PdcqtF6sWbdEES4B_ZfNbJl42MrbIBiVdb0iMCP0uQOV6uxNg-e_TyDODzSBzs

Feedback Rules & Guidelines
    • By participating in the BST section of BYC, you agree to allow other members to leave trader feedback for you, whether it is negative, positive, or neutral.
    • Do not leave fraudulent feedback for another member - you agree to leave only truthful feedback. This includes leaving false negative ratings for a competitor or leaving false ratings for friends. It is prohibited to exchange feedback for the sole purpose of increasing feedback scores or enhancing reputation.
    • Feedback should only be left based on a completed transaction in which payment and/or trade has been successfully received. Feedback should not be left for any inquiries or exchanges where no goods or funds have passed between members.
    • Do not leave offensive feedback or feedback with inappropriate content in it.
    • Do not leave feedback for yourself. This includes improving your rating by using an alias to leave feedback.
    • Honest feedback should be given to those who deserve it, whether it is negative, positive, or neutral.
    • Sellers cannot demand feedback from buyers. It is prohibited to include terms or conditions in a listing that require or restrict the buyer's right to leave feedback.
    • Retaliatory feedback is not permitted.
    • Ratings and comments are generally a permanent part of a member's feedback history. However, BYC reserves the right to remove feedback.





Using the filter to view Wanted Ads:




Deselect all check boxes except the Wanted check box.


This will allow you to view only the wanted ads.





Performing an Advanced Search to view only Wanted Ads:


We're going to use the Advanced Search function of the forum to do a search and save it for future searches as well.


First Click on Advanced Search




In Keywords type in Wanted.  In Additional Search Options, select Buy ~ Sell ~ Auction (Trade)


Advanced Search.jpg


Scroll Down and click on Save this Search


Save search.jpg


A pop up box will appear.  Name the search and click Submit.


Save search 2.jpg



Then that search will be saved and easy for you to retrieve.  After you've saved this search then just repeat these next steps each time you want to check out the want ads.


You'll be taken back to the Advanced Search form.  Click on Saved Searches and then click on your search.




Then scroll down to click on search


do it.jpg


And your search will show all the Wanted Ads in the whole BST.








BST Question & Answer Thread:




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Please note that all questions / comments to this article will be removed. Please direct your questions regarding the BST to this thread: Thank you.
Please note - You do not have to post that you agree. By posting an ad in the BST, you acknowledge that you agree to the rules of the BST. Thank you. ~ Emily, BYC Moderator.
Question: In an auction situation, if the winning bid is $20 higher than the previous bid and the stated increments were $1.00, does the winner pay what s/he bid or just $1.00 more than the next highest bid?
By posting in our BST section you are acknowledging that you've read the rules. No other steps are needed. I'm posting because I wish to sell 2 Rouen ducks! Thank you
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