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BYC Member Awards And Badges

BYC is made up of thousands of wonderful members, each one offering their knowledge, enthusiasm, compassion, and other gifts in unique, individual ways. We love to recognize them, and for this reason we developed an awards nomination system. Members can nominate another member for an award through this process, found on the BYC Recognition Awards  thread.



Platinum Poultry Members have met requirements & shown support of BYC
Platinum Poultry Member
Active BYC member for 4 years! Don't call them old, they prefer to be called Seasoned BYCers
4 Year Anniversary
Active BYC member for 5 awesome years!
5 Year Anniversary
Active BYC member for 6 memorable years!
6 Year Anniversary
Active BYC member for 7 terrific years!
7 Year Anniversary
Active BYC member for 8 wonderful years!
8 Year Anniversary
BYC Project Manager Volunteer
BYC Volunteer Project Manager
This member is most active in welcoming new members to our community
BYC New Member Greeter
Very knowledgeable and skilled in one or more facets of poultry breeding, raising and/or showing.
BYC Educator
ALL-AROUND outstanding service and commitment to the BYC members & community.
BYC Spirit
Fun & great to have around! They are our favorite comedians and enablers, our most cluckative.
BYC Friend


Comments (29)

This is cool and helpful, thanks! (Just want to mention that there's a typo on the description of "Winner!". It should be "one", not "on". Sorry for being picky! :P)
I was just wondering about this, too. Thanks!
That's reaaly cool! What are the requirements for the platinum member?
How i can be BYC spirit an friend?
You can find info about the Awards program here
great idea > can't wait to start earning :-)
Ditto on Garden Tamer's comment!! ;-}
thank you for explaining! i was going insane trying to figure out what those ment, and this was very helpful!
Instead of Calling the 4 yrers old or seasoned can we call them slow learners that just sounds more fun since this is really a fun forum . Smiles OK so im a red head LOL wow 4 yrs .I bet they learned a lot or shared a lot in that time and do deserve to be honored .
Who updates active member awards?
Usually an admin will update the awards for individual members.
a question: if someone earned 'greeter' and then suddenly stopped greeting people, does he/she lose her badge? just wondering.
From time to time our team evaluates various awards and looks to see if the people with the awards are still active and meeting the requirements and/or values of the award. If not, then the award may be removed either permanently or temporarily.
i think that is so cool!
I have really enjoyed my short time on this site. Seems to have a lot of helpful people willing to share knowledge with me. Chickens are pretty cool.
Yay! Now I finally undertand these badges!
What is an Ovation? I have never seen it on any other forum before.
BackYard Chickens › Learning Center Articles › BYC Member Awards And Badges