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Chick Charm's Chicken Coop

Rise & Shine Custom Coops



"I would never eat a cows tongue.  Gross.  Give me an egg". That was a long standing statement by my grandfather (he hated cows tongue) to garner a little chuckle for its humor.  It certainly had its effect.


First I bought 10 day olds from the feed store.  5 Red Sex Links and 5 Rhode Island Reds.  Sadly one Sex Link didn't make it through the day.  So nine birds it was.  AT FIRST!  Miss Bossy, Scrambled, Brownie, Poached, Little Red Riding Hood, Miss Talk-A-Lot, Cutie Pie, Old Maid and BBQ were their names.

Later we added two Barred Rocks.  Salt (smaller of the girls) & Pepper

And of Course the Custom Coops began.

Then we added 5 Brown Leghorns.  

Then we started getting what we wanted at 19 weeks old from all our breeds except the Leghorns we got our first egg at 17 weeks.    

We love our eggs.  



So the love of chickens was born.  Then I had to take it to a new level.  RISE & SHINE CUSTOM COOPS! 

I designed this Hen House and Run Combo for the desert of the SOUTHWEST.  Very airy and with a total of 18 windows and ports.  


Small Quail Quarters with a small base.  I made a much larger run for this but for pictures sake, I made this small base.  

I put this Quaint Quail Coop together to try my hand at another great food source....QUAIL!  I can't wait for the eggs.

This is my small Quality Quaint Quail Coop.  Rustic Cottage style



My 6 yr old had a go at this log cabin chicken coop.  Great idea.  It is mostly reclaimed wood stakes from a San Diego city park that was throwing them out.  So I guess that makes it a truly green coop.  

Even came up with this  tractor that has worked very well with and without wheels.  

Some can be used as a bunn hutch or a makeshift chicken coop.  This one is all redwood from top to bottom.  

It is actually very fun coming up with newer and better designs.  The one on the far right was for Seramas.


This is my SUPER COOP!  I make it with a dutch door, just for fun.  This one was liked by a local firefighter from Ocean Beach California.  

This is my simple coop.  I love the Ramp/Door on this coop.  I can't believe I thought of this, but hiding the hinges is kinda cool. Wink  A former TV broadcaster from El Paso Texas has one of these in her back yard.  

Then people from afar started wanting me to drive long distances just to get one of my coops.  The traveling was fun for the family I must admit.  This is out in Borrego Springs California.  



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You are so talented! They are perfect!
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