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Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Berea, Kentucky 

We built a chicken coop into an existing barn that was empty.

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drilling wood into the concrete floors

Here my son is securing the wood into the concrete floor. First we drilled the 2x4 wood into the floor using a tapcon drill. We finished tightening them by hand.


Here my husband is cutting the cutting woodwood.

drilling wood into floormore securingsmileHere we are securing the wood into the floor, and a nice smile from one of my great helpers!


wood from floor to ceilingWood goes in from floor to ceiling using two by fours. Chicken wire is staple in.

wallTo the right the wall goes up, made of plywood. When we are done we will be able to walk all the way down the side of the coop, and maybe someday put doors in to access the eggs without going into the coop!

lots of chicken wire being cut and stapled for maximum protection


drillingDrilling in the top part of the coop.

door is inHere the door is in, and you can see the wood drilled into the floor. The halogen lights helped to keep us warm, it was VERY COLD the weekend that we built the coop.


This is a basic screen door from Lowes. We placed a lock on the outside so we could lock it with a combination lock if we needed to. I was warned by some nice folks that people steal anything, even animals and they were right. Ask me about it some time!

hammering plywoodHere my other great helpers secures plywood to the 2x4s. It wasn't easy to do. Everyone helps, this was a great family project!

little helper







  wall is upThis is the wall, with the last section covered by chicken wire from top to bottom. This is so we can go down near where the chickens roost and talk to them, or check on them.

down the side





This is the view down the side. We can store straw or food down here. There is now a door here.

door top viewHere is a view of the top of the door. There is chicken wire from floor to ceiling. I like to tell people it's the FORT KNOX chicken coop.

open door

Here you can see the door open, and the chicken wire that is up in between the 2x4s.

are you done yet? I will take a nap while I wait.

 nap time





more wire




more and more chicken wire! I think we had nightmares about staple guns and chicken wire LOL!

Below, roosts made of 2x4s. The loft was made by securing 2x4s, and then a piece of plywood was laid on top. Then we covered it with straw.












nest boxes

Nest boxes are made from 2x4s, and pine boards that were 3 feet wide. The tops are cut at angles to keep the chickens from roosting up there. We cut them to fit into our loft area.There are 2x4s in front keep the straw and eggs from rolling out.

The nest boxes sit on top of the loft, they were constructed first and then drilled into the sides, where the 2x4s are. We use the deep bed system, and pile clean straw on as needed. We throw food in and the chickens turn the straw over looking for food, and that helps  keep things clean.

nest boxes











The finished coop.

The next thing that we are going to add is a nursery area under the loft. There is one nest box under the loft, we will put some 2x4s in and then cover it with chicken wire, and add a small door too.

We may add more roosts and nest boxes too. Our chickens are free ranging and they are in the coop at night, or when they are laying.















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I really Love this coop
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