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unpainted start

 Started this project when I realized I wanted the bantams closer to the house so the kids could enjoy them more. 


The partial constructed a-frame. 


perches view from end 


 A view of the perch from one end of the tractor before enclosed.



side view from second door


 A view inside door two showing the perch, the hole down to bottom, and access to bottom.



first paintingAfter painting and latches applied. 

 You can see the far door to look in at perches and the near door for access top and bottom.




nest boxesThe nest boxes after attatched 


finished and in the yard

 The finished product with detachable wheels.  Showing the daughter how to open one of the two doors.

The "ghetto" tractor made out of used/bargain wood.

 My hope is that with hot fence around the bottom they will be safe.  Hardware cloth is bolted on with screws and washers.  Double latches on ALL doors.  We shall see.  My first attempt so figure many flaws yet to be discovered.Sealed












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