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ChooksChick's Hints for Henthusiasts




Hints for Henthusiasts
I write a column on just for the backyard poultry henthusiast.
I'll update this page with the articles as I publish them for easy reference.
 **Predator prevention**   How to get your chickens to go into the coop at night
 Mumble the Pen-hen spared from the pot  Predator season hits royalty, too
 5 questions about backyard chickens, take two  A reason for no roosters in some urban areas
 Entrepreneurial opportunities & the pet chicken market  The heat & your chickens
 How to be the Lord of the Flies

 Chicken Zombies: Broody hens

 Would you look at the size of that egg?  A true cost analysis of a backyard flock
 Hatchery sites for ordering chicks  Annual garden tour features backyard coops
 Introducing new birds to your flock  Moving new chicks to the coop
 The chick is in the mail  Chick choices include incubators
 4 common questions regarding city chickens  5 chicken blogs
 How to raise chickens in your bathtub   The cold and your chickens
 10 important features in a chicken coop  L.A. limits roosters to one per household
 Quiche me! I'm yours!  Cooking pasture-raised chicken
 60+ chickens released in Iowa City protest  Sicky chicky
 TV for chickens  Chicken tractors
 5 myths about backyard flocks   Pet chicken pop culture: Demi Lovato
 New chicken city: Buffalo, NY  The scoop on poop
 Coop tour: Lawrence submissions  Breeds for the city
 Why have chickens in the city?  How to know if your brooder is the right temperature  

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