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CinnamonQueen's Flock :)

Here is a little page devoted to my adventures with chickens. We got the crazy idea of keeping chickens a few years ago. At first, it seemed very weird, but then I warmed up to the idea, although it never seemed like it would become reality.

This was why I was in for a good surprise when we went to Oklahoma in early April 2012 to visit family. Grandma surprised us and told us that we were getting "Easter chicks." I was thrilled!

On Good Friday, we drove to a ranch store (I believe it was Atwoods or something like that). When I saw the chicks, I was like, "THEY'RE SOOO CUTE!!"

We picked out six and set up a brooder in the garage. Later we took four of them home, the other two (a Leghorn hen named Rosie and a Barred rock roo) were later rehomed and Rosie is laying now I believe.The other Barred rock rooster killed a rooster nearly twice his size.

Here they are in the brooder stage as cute little fluffballs:








The four that we took home with us a few weeks later, in their new coop:




We were upset to find that Dusty, a Barred Rock, was a rooster. Here he is at his new home:


He was very sweet!  We were able to visit him and he was still our sweet favorite rooster! I was very upset when I learned that a predator had attacked him and since he had an injured leg from moving the coop, he couldn't run that fast.hit.gifI really miss him, he was an amazing rooster. He lived a good life.


Here are our 3 hens. They began laying in late August 2012.



Snowball (White Leghorn), our head of the flock. She's our best layer, always the first to food, and loves to perch. She is also our naughtiest. We had problems with her as a chick hopping onto the edge of the rubbermaid box we used as a brooder to perch. Today, if you let her, she will try to roost on the bathroom windowsill rather than the coop. She also is very fast, and loves to dig in the forbidden flowerbed.

Her favorite hobby is stripping rose petals off the rose bush or picking blackberries off the blackberry bush- again, naughty!

And naturally, our first "fart egg" came from her. Other than that, Snowball lays a white egg daily.



Here is Honey, an unfriendly Rhode Island Red. She enjoys pecking at my feet. She is also the only hen that has pooped on me. Honey is not much friendlier with the younger chicks, either. She has been seen with some very tasty morsels, like a lizard and even a small snake.


And here is Cinnamon, also Rhode Island Red. She is pretty smart and tough and can be sweet or evil. She doesn't like the babies either, but at least she lets me near her. Cinnamon even survived a dog attack several months ago.

I'm not sure who lays which egg, but one of our RIR's lays about every day, and the other every other day.


We got two pullets almost a year later- April 2013. After long weeks of reorganizing the pecking order, they have settled into the flock. We were hoping for two Australorps, but one is a Black Sexlink. At least they were both pullets.

This is Elphaba. She is an Australorp, but doesn't have the standard slate legs. She loves cuddles, and will perch on my arm. I just love her gorgeous beetle-green sheen. Elphaba lays a very pale brown egg daily, and she has given us several double yolkers.



Ninja is our Black Sexlink. She is a little skittish, but she still won't protest too much to being held. As a month old chick, she slept nearly the whole ride home. Now she's a little more energetic and is as fast as a ninja. :)


This picture was taken on their first day home. They were a month old when we got them.

Elphaba is in front and Ninja is in the corner.


Ninja and Elphaba are inseperable. They always stay together, and if they get seperated, they will honk loudly until they find each other again.



Here are more pictures of the hens. Enjoy!

Mac and cheese!




Snowball tries to push her way into the middle.












My 4 year old brother hold his chicken Snowball (he named her Stupid Poo-poo as a chickgig.gif)



Honey steals the precious rose petals before anyone else gets there. For some strange reason, only the hens go crazy for them.


Ninja settles down for a dust bath.


The hens and babies check each other out.


Now they get along much better.

"What did we do?"


And the entire chicken family!


Thank you for reading! I will update on our flock's growth so be sure to come back later!



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You are a great chicken wrangler! Love, Mom
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