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Ducks and Pigeons bathing!

Today was the warmest day of the year, and the birds LOVED it! The ice and snow melted away into pools of water.  My brother @GoldenFlight took some of the pictures.


The Ducks bath time:


Dory sifting through the mud





Reyna dipping her head in the cold water! 

Reyna and Vienna



Blaire preening after her bath

Nyasa scratching his head

Snuggles cleaning his wings

Vienna diving under

And Vienna again!


And the pigeons also took a bath today!


Lauren flying down to a puddle

Isabelle checking out the water



Isabelle starting to splash

Our new pigeon Wallace landing, then taking a drink

Cole splashing

A bunch of the group soaking

And after their baths, some of the pigeons did some flapping to dry off.



Our new pigeon Kathrine

Wallace (he has enormous wings)

Wallace again


Our two largest pigeons Phillip and Lauren tend to take a little longer for everything. And they decided they needed to soak a little longer! 


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.   

Comments (14)

Great pictures, Joel!
These pictures are absolutely breathtaking!!!!!!!!! <3 Not to mention that all your BURBZES are simply the most beautiful things ever. :) Thank you so much for taking the time to share! 
What wonderful pictures! Congrats on bagging POW :-) Congratulations!
Ha you have puddles just like I did! So did the ducks come out cleaner or dirtier after the bath? :P
Very pretty! :-)
Great pics and beautiful birds! I'm kinda jealous of your pigeon flock
Thank you everyone! Yes we did! I think they were cleaner! (; 
WAAAAAAAA!!!  Are you sure you and Joel aren't Nat Geo photographers?  Wow.  The birds.  The puffy and round pigeon burds are spectacularly cute and gorgeous.  I love that all the feathered beings enjoy the water so much.
Vienna after her dive.  How you captured her still encapsulated in water is incredible. 
Beautiful pics and lovely birds.
Snuggles = ADORABLE
What wonderful pictures! You can really tell how much they are enjoying themselves. Such cute birds.
Just gorgeous Nathan. (And your brother too!)  I love! the Pigeon pictures.  And what lucky birds to be so well cared for.
Thanks everyone!  Haha, nope! But I'm Joel actually. (; 
beautiful photos!! thanks for sharing 
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