Farm Daze

Farm Daze


My queen, Goldie



Her feet are feathered!  It is her most endearing physical quality <3




She is my star!




Goldie is the only chick that survived out of the original six chicks I got in March 2011.  Unfortunately, the other five were killed by several different things (2 went from pasty butt, one chick was eaten by a neighbors dog, the other two grew to be fully grown roosters, then got killed by hawks :(  Goldie survived it all!) 

She is special because she follows me everywhere.  We talk to each other all day long.  She is always at my feet.  She gives me beautiful eggs everyday, without fail.  I imagine her human voice sounds like a gentle, elderly British woman who has a quiet teatime everyday promptly at 4 PM.  

Goldie sleeps on our porch bench (pictured above) every night--

She hops up when I leave her at night and waits for me to come out in the morning.

She is my best pet. 



This little rascal is Morgan Freeman AKA "Morgan Freedom"





He is a little tiny SIlver Sebright rooster.  

He is the leader of the 4 member "little rooster" gang we have here at the house.

Two days ago he started headbutting me!

The little meanie :(

His crows are a little bit puny but very endearing nonetheless.




He sleeps inside the wreath on the front door.  

One day, he just looked up and decided,"That's where I am going to sleep tonight."

So he hopped up.



This is Aunt Flofo




She lives inside the old chicken coop with two other hens, Big Red and Furby.  I am building them a cotton candy pink coop that will be much more accomodating.  And warmer!  



This is Patchwork Quilt #1.




He has a twin whose name is Patchwork Quilt #2.  

The rule is whichever one you see first is Patchwork Quilt #1, and the one following after is Patchwork Quilt #2.

They are very mild mannered and not at all as mean as their leader, Morgan Freeman.


The little rooster gang with their newly released (or should I say escaped) friends, Big Red and Furby.



(clockwise from top: Big Red, Furby, Marco Polo, Patchwork Quilt #1, Morgan Freeman AKA Morgan Freedom, and Patchwork Quilt #2.)


Now, the ducks!





Daisy and Daffy, two beautiful Pekin ducks, young and in love.




We had originally wanted only one duck to keep, but we got two so I could kill one and prepare it for a dinner party.

Instead, my husband got too attached to both of them as we were driving them home, and I also felt bad (since they were obviously married), so instead of going through with the dinner party, we sent out this text:


"Dinner party off.  Got too attached to duck.  Will reschedule when replacement duck is found."



Other photos:




I found Goldie's nest!




Goldie at dusk, in the snow.

Isn't she lovely?





Morgan Freeman staring at me from his perch on the wreath.

Isn't he funny?

(also pictured: Goldie's bottom in bottom right hand corner of second photo)




Me, collecting eggs in the morning!

(with a blurry Goldie at my feet <3)




Two beautiful ducks moving and swaying together like long necked ballerinas.




Goldie making me breakfast.

Thank you, Goldie!




Lavender the cat having her daily morning "conversation" with Goldie through the window :):)





A broody Big Red smile.png




Goldie on the porch waiting for the rain to stop.





Marco Polo, Patchwork Quilt #1, and Morgan Freeman waiting for the rain to stop.




Patchwork Quilt #1 and Marco Polo, Best Friends Forever love.gif

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I love your story about Goldie. Particularly the part about the British accent and the tea drinking. When my flock was young I used to sit in the run and have my cup of tea out there with the birds sitting on my lap. Your story reminded me of these early memories.
Wow the pictures are just beautiful! I love the ones of the ducks. Where did you edit them?
Thank you so much! I use a mixture of Photoshop CS5 and Picasa :)
Your patchwork quilt boys are gorgeous little things! LOVE their colors and spritely shapes! What pretty group you have. The goldie at dusk shot looks like something off a calendar...
Love your pictures, especially of Daisy and Daffy. Probably because I have Pekins, too ; )
What wonderful stories! Love that Morgan Freedom sleeps in a wreath! :)
what a great page,love the pics and the stories..thank you
Haha yeah Morgan Freeman is one funny bird lol! Thanks guys!
Really enjoyed the photos and narrative! Made me smile.
Wonderful story, but, what protects her from predators during the night?
Oh my word, your pictures are so great. I love your sweet little goldie! I was wondering about the predators also. If I didn't lock my girls up at night, the racoons would get them for sure. And if my dogs were not out with them during the day, the hawks would have them. Love your pics and the story that goes along with them. Keep posting!
Great pictures and beautiful birds
love the photos!!!! SO classical, but pretty, and antique-ish! LOVE THEM!
So cute!! I love it!
Returned to re read about Goldie and other fowl
Enjoyed it , thank you, keep posting.
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The duck story is halarious! :)
You seem to have a very happy bird community.
Great pictures and story! Funny that your roo likes to sleep in/on a wreath :)