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Freaks' Flock :P

Hi my name is Mackenzie and I currently own 16 chickens. They're a variety of ages, personalitys and breeds. But i love them all! I also have a horse and three dogs smile.png


My 3 eldest are a buff Orpinton named Goldie Locks, a bantam EE named Angelina, and Ginger a Golden Campine. The three are very close and rule the roost together. Goldie is the head boss with the other two close second in command lol.png.

My black copper marans, Kisses (left) and Francis (right)

Summer a brown leghorn

Winter a white leghorn

My White Plymouth Rock Odette

My other White Rock Aurora

Francis (BCM)

Kisses (BCM)

Aurora, Odette and Winter hanging out in their favourite basket love.gif

My second generation flock, like the first, tend to hang out together. They aren't my friendliest chickens but they are my best layers smile.png

My blue silkies, Lilac (top) and Bluebell (bottom)

My white silkie Magnolia

Thumbelina, bantam Barred Plymouth Rock (left) and Henrietta, Barred Plymouth Rock (right)

Rhinni my Easter Egger


Thumbelina is my most friendly chicken, she is the first at the coop door when she sees me and loves cuddles smile.png

The third and youngest generation are mostly bantams. So they are my most mellow and definitely my friendliest chickens ♡.

And my newest addition, a silkie rooster named Francisco big_smile.png

My non-feathered flock

The pups, Leroy (yellow lab), Molly (lab mix) and Brandy (Toy Chihuahua). They're all three super friendly and love attention big_smile.png

And Pocahantas my grade paint mare smile.png

~Thanks for looking big_smile.png~

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Aww, they're all sooo pretty! B>
Really pretty flock, and beautiful dogs and horse.
Great job!! I love your bantam BR!
Aww thanks
Thank you! Yeah, she's adorable ♡
Brandy is so cute❤️
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