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Hatching Eggs And Raising Chicks

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any one know what the most succesful ratio of roo to hen for max fertility and minimal damage to hens? I have 65 hens and 4 roos which is still to many roosters for hens in a coop as there is feather damage, however not enough for max fertilization.
Why are haching eggs more expensive then chicks?
I heard 5 hens to 1 rooster
My wife and I just got our first chicks ever. We have three Rhode Island Reds two weeks old, two lavender and one buff Orpington, all about eight days old. We have them in separate brooders and the temps are right, but the Orps seem to sleep an awfully lot. Is that normal?
Hun Im the weong person to ask Im new to this, so new I dont even have a chick.. But I do feed some wild hens with one BEAUTIFUL rooster. Im trying to move in this house that just happens to have a hen on a nest so Im watching her and throwing out food for her. as for you question whth sleepy why not take sleepy out for play time see if thats helps..
Hey guys im going to start raising chickens soon and I was wandering what kind of chickens I should get oh and I live in texas.
we are beginners here . when is it time to put chicks into coops. they are growing feathers but still have alittle of their baby poofiness. what is best for coops hay or chips?
is it safe to have more than one rooster in the coop?
I am on day 20 of my hatch and the eggs haven't made any noise, is this bad?
A question I can't seem to find an answer to. Has anyone let the mother raise chicks? Why do most people choose to take them after the mom hatches vs letting her raise them. Would you need to separate her from the other chickens? Wouldn't she protect them? Didn't the farmers of olden do it this way? anyone have a book about this that they recommend? lol, just call me the kid who asks too many questions. :)
I am new to this page so there will be a learning curve! schwheeler24 I am currently letting a Buff Brahma Bantam hen raise three chicks the "olden" way. I do have her separated most of the time in a brooder box and small enclosure. She does protect them when with the group. I would let them free range during the day like the rest of the flock but the babies can still get through the dog pen fence and they have no fear!
I have 2 hens. My silver laced Wyendott (sp?) was attacked by a racoon and is recovering. I signed her over to a Veterinarian that took her because the vet bills would have been impossible. I went and bought 2 new chicks that were a straight run. Does anyone know how to sex chicks? I think these two are roosters. I tried the "hat" test and they did not crouch in fear. A rooster will perk up and look where the danger is. These two are another silver laced and a white Brahman. The Brahman has feathers on his feet.
my baby silkie has hatched and there is a small lump on its bum area is this the yolk sack and how soon will it be absorbed will it die theres no bleeding
i was raise in saint louis missouri.. know nothing bout chickens.. but my rhonde island red i bought for easter is suddcenly laying eggs we are now in northeast missouri and it is aug 16th.... will these turn into chicks? how long can they sit there before we store and eat them??!?!?!? I WANT BABIES!!! lol my husband and i want another child but cant have one at this moment... new job kids JUST started full day at school just moved.. sooooo we want chickys... will they hatch this late in the season?
Hi Missouri, I am in Missouri too. You have to have a "daddy" to have the eggs be fertile!! A rooster. You can collect her egg every day, yum. I have heard that you should not let them go longer than 3 days w/o gathering them. When it was soooo hot I would not let them go more than a day. Good luck.
Help me decide please. My Mom ( 94 ) is coming down to visit. She LOVES baby chickens and can spend hours watching them. I would like to get some more baby chicks when she comes OR incubate some eggs, having hatch date when she arrives. I just can't decide which is best. I would like some J. Giants, REAL R.I.R. 's Buff orp. and silver Wy Dot. I have even thought of purchasing grown chicks. I don't know where to order eggs or aquire REAL R.I.R.
Any thoughts would be appreciated. T H A N K S ! u ! (^u^)
some told me on the 19th you take out the eggs and you place it under a heat bulb thats not right right
how long or how many eggs will the hen wait before she will sit on her eggs and hatch
well my order of 12 7 week old chicks doesn't come in till tomorrow but DH brought home a doz 3 week old black stars yesterday now I need 2 different foods which I don't have and a separation in the coop which I don't have. I was told at 6 weeks they can start on grower feed am I wrong? and should I still have the 3 week old under a lamp?
I have embryos in all my eggs but they seem different sizes. Anyone have experience with this. I have faverolles eggs through the post, plus Orpingtons and Wyandottes of my own in with them. My egged seem better developed.
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