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Housing And Feeding Your Chickens

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I got really excited when someone offered to give me some chickens. I got my husband to build a chicken coop and we got the chickens and now i have some questions i should have asked before i got the chickens. When I got them they were babies and now they are growing up and laying eggs. I do not know what to do with the eggs. One of my chickens is laying on her eggs but i keep finding eggs laying around the coop. Are they good?? I guess my main question is what do i do with the eggs the hens are not laying on?? What do I do with the chicken that is laying on eggs in a hard to reach place?
We are new to chickens also, but what I was told about the eggs is that they are ok room temp for a while. We collect our little eggs daily and refrigerate them just because. But if they were out in the coop for a couple days they should be ok. As far as the hen laying on the eggs. I don't know, I have not had that problem. sorry
Hey! When I click on the blue box next to "Homemade Feeders & Waters" above, it takes me to the same spot as the "Over 40 homemade Chicken Feeders & Waterers", but if I click on the words "Homemade Feeders & Waters" it takes me to the "Chicken Tractors & Mobile Chicken Coop Designs." I do like this section of the new BYC. It's nice to have the subjects all sorted out. Thanks
Can someone direct me to the closest chicken breeder to Nacogdoches or Lufkin TX
i need to know how much room 5 chickens need?
not much i hear it is 2 square feet per chicken but that seems realy small for me.
eggs are good for around 2 weeks outside of the fridge as long as you don't wash them. they have a natural coating that seals them and if you wash them it breaks the coating, therefore going bad. the reason we have to refrigerate eggs we buy is because they have been washed before going to the store. also, a trick to tell if an egg is bad or not: fill a glass with water and put the egg in the glass. if it sinks it's good, if it floats its bad.
The egg test is great information.
My daughter just got some baby chickens.I don't know anything about chickens so I decided I better look up how to take care of them. Right now they are in a cardboard box, but when they get big enough I thought we would just let them roam around our back yard. Do I really need a coop? Can't they just wander around the yard? Our backyard is small only 20' x 40' and it's fenced in so they can't get out.
i have a brand new baby chick - thinking of getting a few more, but i am a little confused about all the different types of feed. where can i go to learn about the difference? scratch, chick starter, sand? i'm confused at to what to feed the little creature!
you need to give them starter feed and plenty of water. You can find it at TSC or a local feed store.
We have sixteen 9 mo.old Isa Brown hens and am curious how much feed they should be eating on average each day. We currently feed them a organic feed and any leftover veggie table scraps and it just seems like they are hungry ALL the time!
My new chicks are 8 weeks old. Is that too young to offer them a daily treat of maybe some yogurt?
I have 4 chickens that are free ranging in my back yard. My question is how can I get them to go into their coop at night? They go in and out during the day, but as soon as the sun sets they go to roost on the ground. Which we all know is not safe and I have to go out and place them inside the coop. Any suggestions?
@g gomes- your chicken should go into their coop on their own at dusk, as long as you are not feeding them outside of the coop. Be sure to leave their feed inside the coop at all times (waterers outside are fine) and leave the coop open. My chickens seemed to have an inner clock and at the same time every night they automatically go inside to roost. If that doesn't work you can encourage them to go in the coop by calling them and tossing a small amount of scratch grain or kitchen scrapes inside the coop. My chickens always go running for this stuff
@mschreiner1 thanks for replying to my post. They've had their food inside the coop since the beginning, but for some reason they seem to just roost on the ground right under the coop. I will try your suggestion of tossing some scraps into the coop. We've had chickens for about 4 years now and this is the first flock that has done this.
i dodnnt what to do
So, new hen house and coop are almost finished! Ready for 7 10wk olds. We enclosed the hen house with chain link (6-8ft tall) and will top with wire. Currently the floor of the enclosed chain link is dirt. Is that cool? Or should I put something else down? Certainly weeds will sprout in the next couple weeks, but should I add something else to the enclosure? And, best recommendation for flooring to the house. Right now it's still unpainted plywood. Thanks for any thoughts! Cali in Eastern Colorado
Cali - we put a scap peice of linoleum in the bottom of the cop for easy cleaning - a family member happened to have some. We were origianlly going to purchase the lino blocks you can buy at home depot or lowes that are 12x12 squares that stick on. only about 50 cents each...
Need to know Quail feeds from day old till they mature up ready to lay eggs
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