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Keatings Home Depot Coo

Patrick Keating's Home Depot Conversion
Submitted by Patrick Keating - Surrey, Maine

My name is Patrick Keating and my chicken coop resides in Surry, Maine. This chicken coop and pen was my own "build as you go" design. I found an "assemble it yourself" double wall vinyl tool shed at Home Depot and converted it into an easy to clean, high tech coop. Total cost of materials: $1200. I did all of the construction myself.

The coop includes a thermostatically controlled exhaust fan, intake/exhaust louvers, removable plexiglass windows with screens, a light on a timer, closet pole roost and will soon have a pre-manufactured six hole nest installed on the rear wall. The floor of the coop is lined with a rubber roofing membrane for easy cleaning. The pen is made up of 2"x2" pressure treated lumber, half the pen area is covered with a corrugated metal roof, and the perimeter of the pen has 1"x12" kick boards buried 6" underground. The floor of the pen is lined with 1" heavy gauge wire and covered with a layer of sand and topped off with wood chippings. The entire pen is enveloped with wire to keep out fox, raccoons, weasels etc.

Auto Cad drawings are available.

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coop with door open

coop and pen - side

coop and pen
coop interior
light and heat !
coop rear
pen with kick boards
pen roof
future lucky occupants!


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