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Jun 25, 2012


Growing up


My ducks are grow up, the male is already a adult, but the females are teenagers, the female pekin grow more faster than the female magpie, i think that is because the pekin is a meat breed and the magpie is a egg breed. What do you think about this?


Jun 11, 2012


How I meet my ducks


I really wanted a duck. So, I went to buy they in a farm, i buy two ducks, one pekin and other magpie, i thinks they was male and female, I raise they with no problems for two months, and then my uncle give me two hens star, They had given him on before. The hens don't get along well with the ducks, they pecking the ducks, and sold the chickens. As i said, i thinks they was male and female, but when i ask to the veterinarian he tell me i buy two females! ep.gif So, i buy a male pekin, the magpie get along very well with him, but the female pekin don't he.gif, the dog of my neighbor, frequently try to eat they, but she can't, because they are in the coop lau.gif, my dog, a poodle only try to eat the pekins, not the magpie, and i don't know why hu.gif.




Here are the ducks and my poodle:

Clementine Teen.JPG


Name: Clementine

Breed: Magpie

Gender: Female


Daisy Teen.JPG


Name: Daisy

Breed: Pekin

Gender: Female




Name: Huey

Breed: Pekin

Gender: Male




Name: Amy

Breed: Poodle

Gender: Female


Well, that all for now, see you later!


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