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Maintaining A Healthy Flock

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Sevens Dust? I'm a new chicken owner (2 1/2 months now) and I was told by a friend that they dust their chickens with sevens dust to keep the mites off them. Is this ok to use on chickens? Our friend said he's been doing this for many years and it doesn't hurt them but I don't know. What's the opinion here?
Diatomaceous Earth, food grade. I use Pure Earth company on all my animals. If you use Sevens Dust use the 5% garden variety
I have noticed yesterday that my 3 BO's have a black substance under their wing and 1 a little on her breast. The feathers are damp and kinda stuck together. Can anyone help with what it might be?
We use sevens dust regularly with no issues.
you can help bye tiger torching your pen also. that will kill a lot of unwanted things
One of my RIR hens has had a red patch on her butt for months. I used blue coat and seemed to improve, but now it's back with a vengeance and another hen also has it. Have checked them for bugs, and cannot find any or any nits. They are not lethargic, they seem bright and happy and are still laying regularly. They did lose feathers where the red patches are. The weird thing is Miss Picky has had this condition for 2 months - it never got any worse, or any better, and it is just now that another has the symptoms. My other 2 chickens are fluffy and fine. What can I do?
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BackYard Chickens › Learning Center Articles › Maintaining A Healthy Flock