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My Bucket Feeder - by Terry G.

                                                                                           MY BUCKET FEEDER

                                                 by Terry G.

Items needed: 

1 gallon bucket with handle and lid

1 old 5 gallon bucket (the one I used was cracked but the bottom was still in good shape)

1 nut and bolt


hand saw

piece of chain and hook to hang

The only thing I purchased was the hooks (they came 2 in a pack) the rest was items on hand



Drill holes around the bottom of the small bucket

I had to make the holes bigger than shown,for that I used a wood burning tool and melted the holes out larger



Saw the bottom off of the 5 gal bucket and attatch with a nut and bolt to the bottom of the 1 gal bucket




Fill with feed



Replace top and it's ready to hang!  Smile






Comments (16)

Like. I did same thing, only used a metal tray for the bottom.
I use the same sort of set up, however I put a funnel small end up in my bucket. The large end of the funnel is the same diameter as the bottom of the 5 gallon bucket and that helps keep the feed free flowing. I added the funnel because I had to shake feed out of the bucket from time to time.
That would make a great bird feeder too! WOW
great idea, this has saved me some money! Thanks. I do have one question though, why are all feeders I see "hanging" feeders? I am new to chickens, and I do not have anywhere to hang a feeder. Do they have to hang?
Hanging the feeder at the level of the chickens' backs reduces the amount of feed that can be billed out by the birds and the amount of litter and poop that gets kicked into the feeder from the ground. For chicks, I start with the feeder on a 2'x2' piece of plywood (to prevent the litter/poop problem), then raise the feeder up on small blocks of wood around the edges, eventually hanging it when they can get the feed with the feeder 1" off the ground.
do i have to hang it
No, you don't. You can put it on the ground or up on bricks. The only reasons to feed it is to reduce spilled feed (spilled feed is more likely to get wet and go bad and is a waste of money) and to keep the feed cleaner (see my previous post). :)
Love this idea, thanks
Nicely done!!! I'm going to make some of these...Thanks for posting it !!!
Thanks so much for posting your feeder. I have been stressing about the cost of buying feeders and waters for my chickens, and you have shown how to do it yourself and cheaply. Thank you.
Great idea - now to find a bucket with a lid.
Um, I have seen 5 gallon buckets at Walmart in the Automotive section. Sorry, not trying to promote any store, husband works there so in there often. Pretty sure Home depot and Lowes also carry them...
Thanks for the great idea!! Now to see what I have on hand...
I have made a similar feeder and it works great.  For those who want to cut costs further we found a great supply of clean buckets with lids from the store up the rd. that sells ice cream cones..those big ice cream buckets work great and they were happy to give them to us for free just to get rid of them. Deli's would be a great place to ask as well.
BackYard Chickens › Chicken Coop Plans › My Bucket Feeder - by Terry G.