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My Flock Pictures!

I've posted some pictures of my flock on here before those pictures are old! I've gotten more birds and some have passed! Its time for newer and better pictures! I have seen them molt and change! My rooster looks like a total different rooster! Since I've gotten my phone (Christmas day) I have took 1,469+ pictures! Of course all those pictures are way to much to share but I will entertain you for sure! I love sitting out in the coop taking pictures! It is my happy place! It's my motivation to wake up in the morning! I smile every time one of my roosters crow! I spend hours in the coop! Great memories and bad memories happened in the coop and I cherish them all and learn from the bad! I love my animals! I'm sure they love me too! But I am getting off topic so here are some pictures I've took over the past couple months!




























































































































































































































































































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Hope you enjoy!


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Wow that took alot of scrolling to finish XD Good job, buddy!
ha! yeah! thanks Zelda!!
Great just great. No wonderful just wonderful. No Awesome just awesome.No amazing just amazing
BackYard Chickens › chicken pics & info › My Flock Pictures