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My Great Flock

I have a flock of about 25!


Here we go:



Here this is my Black Sexlink cockerel Spots.The son of Zeus my Newhampshire Red Roo.



Zeus,the father of Spots.(He wasn't in his best picture positions).


Mrs.Pecksalot our Rhode Island Red.


Cinnamon or Red sexlink.She is a molting right now so is little Ugly.


This is a Austrolourp.She is a bit older and crazier. We used her flock to help us when all of our very first flock died.



This is Little Bit. She is some sort of mixed breed bantam, she too is in molt.


Venelope a New Hampshire Red, an older hen.


Another NewHampshire Red,no name this years batch.


Another New Hampshire Red,a little over a year old.

This is specks one of this years pullets, she is also a NewHampshire Red.



No name, but is a New Hampshire, and is also this years.

This specks again.


Our Easter Egger hen.



Silver Laced Hen, Special Girl finishing her molt.


Our Buff Orpington named Flash because she is speedy.


Little Red, older girl. She is a Red sex-linked,very sweet girl.


Two of our Red Sexlinks,Mrs.Prissy and Cinnamon (Sorry about the RIr to the right.)



Our lead hen finishing up her molt, supposedly a Barred Rock.(And not the barred Rock way off in the back)


Our Dutch bantam, crazy lil thing.

Our Rhode island red hen, Chitchat molting. She is one of the older gals.


This is Mrs. Broody.She is Spots "Foster" mom. One of the oldest Girls.


And to Top it off, a pic with well, most of the flock, and I also have a few other hens who were off, so couldn't get any pics of them.








Our cochin Flock:


Here is Bobby LittleWaddles.

No name.Any Suggestion?


Here is the Buff one,Buffy and the Black is mealworm.

That is it for our Cochin Family.


We also have Ducks and Geese!

The Blackest spotted ducks is an Ancona Drake.

Giant Pekin Drake.The duck behind him is Albino Ancona.

Khaki Campbell hen,at one point I was calling her Pepper.




Our Geese-

Olive Oil.



This pic is of our Gander PopEye.

There is a third goose just not in the pictures.


That's it.






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Great flock, TwoRoos!
nice flock indeed!
happy new year!
Beautiful birds and your when I saw your spotted duck, it reminded me of chocolate chip ice cream!  Happy New Year and enjoy...
Congrats and beautiful birds!
Love those gorgeous spotted ducks!
thanks ther anconas if ya wanted to know
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