NorCal CC

Here’s the finished product.  Cost about $1,500 (I was shooting for $500 - Oops).



The story of the build goes:


Buy house in Northern California.


Think it would be nice to have chickens.


Don’t ask wife.


Buy chicks.





Discover  Learn first mistake people make is to buy chicks before coop is built.


Google more.


Decide on small coop inside a big run (because of hawks).


Something like this:


Try to figure out plans for coop.


Give up.


Buy coop (from antique store for $185).


Try to figure out plans for run.


Give up.


Continue to watch chicks grow.


Google more.


Buy plans for run from here:


Modify plans by making it twice as big and incorporating the retaining wall along the back.


Buy tools (sweet!).


Buy lumber.



Dig trenches.



Stain wood.


Frame wood.



Attach hardware cloth.


Definitely use these to attach hardware cloth (I tried everything).



Put it together.



And none too soon.



Put on roof.


Add straw.


Add roost (an old fence post).


Add chickens.


And relax.



Some features:


Brick entry for the rainy season.



Solution to retaining wall.


Dutch door.



View with top door open.



Automatic waterer from  Since I bought this and use the deep litter method, I only go into the run once a week to refill their food.



My kids get the eggs.



After dinner I let them out. They always go home to roost (but you knew that).


Chicken TV.


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Wow,love your coop and flock!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What great fun to read about your coop project. We have gone through a similar process with "Wow, it sounds neat that I can have chickens in my backyard here..." to a recent coop/run build that cost about $1,000 and has my girls living in style after housing them in a smaller coop/run combo for the first few months. Thanks for sharing!
New tools! Great job : )
Fun read! Nice job too. Nothing more entertaining than chicken tv;)
Love that Dutch door! Wanted one on mine, was told it would be difficult and now I'm regretting I didn't insist. Also like how you incorporated your retaining wall into the run. Good job. Chicken TV is the best!
Nice job and funny story!
Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the CC-POW. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process.
very nicely done love the way you told the story
Thanks for your thread, your pictures and your sense of humor!
love your set up, easy to build and looks nice
Nicely done.  Really like your watering system.  Can you tell me about the red cap on top of your water feeder?   Is that some sort of air vent that keeps it from having an air lock or something.... couldn't tell.
Also, your birds are very similair to mine.  How high up off the ground is the bottom of the red waterers?
Thank you
ya eh, typical man.... I like tools too. ...and design as I go. mine turned out pretty good Too.
Nice job NorCal CC.
I really like your Chicken TV shots. That and the eggs make it more than worth the inner turoil if being a "design as I go" man aint it.
Steve, the red cap is a regulator.  It comes with the water fountain (follow the link in the post).  I'd say the nipples are about 10-12 inches off the ground.  Good luck.  Chet
So fun to read!  And love the end game (chicken TV)!
Beautiful coop/run! Great story too.
Haha, I love the "Give up" portions. Sounds like me!
Very, very, cool.  Great job on the run!  Ditto on the fun read, entertaining :)
love it you did great
So great.  Your girls must me so happy.