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Old Adobe's new Chicken's

We got our new chicks from Tractor Supply.  Got 6 of their Mixed Pullets on 3/1/13.  The following week decided to get some more and purchased 6 red pullets and 2 Ameracaunas.  Unfortunately 1 of the mixed pullets and one Ameracauna died :(.  We officially have 12 healthy chicks.


Not sure what TS meant by mixed pullets or Red Pullets.  Any thoughts on what kind of chickens these are?


I think the white ones might be Buff Orpingtons?







Really hoping my Ameracauna (picture below) is a pullet and not a rooster...any guesses?


I will try to take some updated pictures this week since they are growing so fast.

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Congrats on your new chicks!
red pullets are a mix between rhode island reds, red sex links and there is another breed of red too but i forget what it's called. they put them all in the same bin. I got 4 out of the red pullet bin and believe mine are all red stars ( red sex links) congrats on your new babies!
BackYard Chickens › chicken pics & info › Old Adobes New Chickens