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our Aussie Coop

Approximate sizes only. This was a rough sketch and used as a guide only.

Posts were 100x100. I then used framing timber. The sheets of ply for the walls were 9mm thick and came in sheets of 2400x1200. The dimensions were 1200x1200 as it made it easy to cut a sheet in half then fit.



3mm Aluminum door placed inside tarp runners and then put onto a simple pulley system.


I ended up modifying the lid to nesting box and put metal roofing on. The original material was thin ply and began to buckle after a few days in the yard, so luckily I had an off cut that fitted perfectly.

2 nesting boxes

We filled these with pine shavings. The floor of the coop was given a good amount of outdoor weather paint. Made for easy cleaning with a large dust pan and brush. The nesting boxes were loose fit for removal and cleaning.

Insulation was put under the metal roofing to assist in cooling during hit days and to lessen the sound of rain.


Carried to the back yard. It was very heavy (as intended. I did not want to dig it in if it needed to be moved a later date). Due to the weight, it did not budge a bit in winds. Was able to be moved with 3 blokes.

The run was covered with an old trailer cage. Was perfect and then boxed in with treated pine. The cage then had small gauge hardware cloth wrapped all around it. The girls were very secure over night and nothing could get in.










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Awesome - I love it! Thanks for sharing
Worderfil!What arethedementions of the coop?(height, length, width)
Cluckcluck1215 sorry for the late reply. We moved a short time ago and the coop is on loan to a friend until we get back. From memory, the floor space was 1200mmx1200mm. Walls were also 1200x1200, Basically I did a cube as the plywood sheets were in 2400x1200. I cut them to 1200x1200 for ease then just made up the roof as I went.
It stood approx 600mm off the ground and the posts were 100x100. They were solid and heavy. This coop was designed to be heavy, however moveable if required. It took 3 guys to lift it and move it. 4 would have been better.
The nest boxes were about 30x30 with two of them. Worked well. The large door on the side enabled us to reach in and remove the wood shavings easily with a large dust pan and broom. I was able to find a small leaf rake and this was used to sift the shavings and leave the large poos for easy removal.
There is plenty of ventilation and the roost was used by 5 out of the 7 chooks we had. The other 2 used the box.
We did not put any food or water in the coop itself as we did not want to promote vermin getting in. That said, the coop was vermin proof with any area that could be a gateway for them was covered with hardware mesh and heavily stapled to the frame. The outdoor run was covered by a couple of cheap tin sheets and angled for water runoff. This also provided good shade in the hot Aussie sun over the summer period. 
We free ranged the chooks and they were out from about 6.30am to sundown when they put themselves to bed.We would lock up the coop over night.
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