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Our Chicken

Our Chicken Coop

(Yes it is a little big for 2 Chickens.  But we love our girls)


Here are the girls: 







Here is the Coop.

We wanted to be able to visit with them during the cold winter months in Wisconsin.

36893_gravel_base.jpg  36893_making_foundation.jpg  36893_just_need_to_add_plywood.jpg

36893_building_walls.jpg  36893_opening_for_door.jpg 36893_all_4_walls.jpg

36893_helping_dad_build_rafters.jpg 36893_midconst1.jpg  36893_midconst4.jpg

36893_feed.jpg  36893_thinkman.jpg  36893_window.jpg

36893_coopopen.jpg  36893_nest1.jpg36893_midconst1.jpg


The finished Coop

About 1/3 of the material I received from family and friends.  The door and windows I purchased from a Habitat for Humanity Restore for really cheap.  Great place to find quality windows and doors for cheap prices.  I think for the 4 windows and the door I spent about $80.  The siding is old barn wood that my father in law gave us.  We have 3 outlets to provide lights and heat.  We are using the Deep litter method but I still usually clean the coop about 2 twice a week.









Comments (2)

I think this is really sweet and attractive.
Now you can get a couple more when they reach unproductive age and keep the cycle going :)
BackYard Chickens › Chicken Coop Plans › Our Chicken