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Our Shaby Coop

april09034.jpg Our Shaby Shack Coop picture by JJRabbit2        april09033.jpg Side view picture by JJRabbit2

april09018.jpg Inside the coop Home made feeder picture by JJRabbit2


Some of our Chickens

25947_gedc0130.jpg     25947_04132009_006.jpg


                       downsized_1126081156-1.jpg picture by JJRabbit2     halloween104.jpg picture by JJRabbit2


                                chicks017-1.jpg picture by JJRabbit2      april09008.jpg Billy Mrs Puff and Roney Roo picture by JJRabbit2  



                   april09021.jpg Jakers (turkey) left and BO and Sex link picture by JJRabbit2     april09022.jpg Our EE and White leghorn Viola picture by JJRabbit2




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BackYard Chickens › Member Pages › our-coop