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Our flock (And farm)

I love chickens, my parents use to raise meat chickens by the hundreds and we also had a small flock of laying hens. All that changed 9 years ago when my dad got a job working for the railroad. We sold our laying hens (And sold or gave away all our other animals a pig some goats, some ducks and a few rabbits.) and started traveling the country with him. Late last year we decided that we were going to start the farm back up and try to make a living off the land, first we got some pigs and rabbits, then some ducklings and then last but not least we bought chickens, 13 grown chickens, 12 laying hens, 6 Australorps, 3 Cuckoo Marans, 3 EE's and a Delaware rooster to protect them and 40 chicks (Australorps EE's Barred Rocks a cuckoo marans and a comet). Sadly some of the chicks have died and we now have 34 chicks. Here is our flock.


All our grown chickens are roughly 7 months old.


This is Isidore, he was our Delaware rooster, he died last night (the 16th) :hit:hit:hit He was a very friendly and calm rooster except when a dog or other animal gets to close to his hens, then he gives them a piece of his mind. I'll miss him.


Isidore my Delaware Rooster.


















This is Madeline. The prettiest EE of the bunch, she lays light blue eggs.







This is Sandy, she is also an EE, she's at the bottom of the pecking order. She lays blue/green eggs.






And here is our Stella. The last EE. She lays a pretty blue egg.






Here are all three



And the other girls (Who do have names but are really hard to tell apart.)



















These are Sandy's eggs




Stella's egg





And the chicks and ducklings.


When we first got the chicks.














The ducklings at about a week old.


The chicks at a month old




The ducklings at about 3 weeks old




A month old.

About 6 weeks.






About 5 weeks.

At about two months old

About 2  months old







About 9 weeks old








The chicks at about 2 and a half months old










Some current pics of the chicks and ducks


























And for anyone who'd like to see our other animals here are the pigs and rabbits










































We got some goats and a few new rabbits 2 weeks ago.








Elsa and Darth Vader (My niece and nephew named them)




Her kits yesterday morning. (The 6th) one day old.



One week old



I hope you enjoyed it.


And if anyone would like to follow our day by day happenings here is my sisters blog

and our Facebook page

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Great pictures! Isidore and Madeline are beautiful birds!
Lots of great pics! Thanks for sharing, Dan! :)
Nice pics- I own 2 mini lops. are yours dwarfs? 
Love your farm and great photos!
Thanks. Nice. No, mine are NZW crossed to californian.
All of your animals look beautiful. I especially love the piglets and bunnies. I used to own bunnies, but predators became a problem. Thanks for sharing!
Lots of great pics and stories. Thanlk you for sharing :)
Very nice & now you can add some goat pics!  :-)
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