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Our Lavender Orpington



Our Lavender Orpington

These are some of the first Lavender Orpingtons being developed and seen in the USA as of today along with a few other Colors from Our project Orpington lines(Lavender Mottled, Mottled and ultimately Jubilee and Possible Porcelain Orpingtons in the near future)..

New Pic's coming soon

Well as of July 29 2010 we have our 5th generation of lavender orpingtons in our brooders, should have some good results from the newest breedings for spring of 2011

Fresh 5th Gen Lavender Orpington and Some Jubilee project Chick pic's


 We are having a ton of fun working on these projects, it is coming along smoothly. We have an adult breeding flock of Project Lavender Orpingtons for(2009).

 As of late this year 2009 we have decided to re~breed our Lavender Project Orpington back to line of exhibition Black orpingtons..This means eggs, chicks will no longer be available until late summer of 2010, things should look alot better size wise after this re-cross back against a new line of black orpingtons, genetic diversity should be Just splendid as well.

 we are also working on a LF Lavender Araucanas as well

Lavender and mottled Orpington grow out pic's *below*

To get an idea of Lester's(grand father of project) size, i will compare him to me, I'm 213 lbs and 6' tall


Some grow out pic's of are second youngest group, two older groups are out in coops already Cool






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