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Our Lovely Ducks

My brother and I got a new camera and we have been enjoying taking photos of the flock!


Our ducks, in no particular order.

Blaire, our rather stubborn, energetic Mallard/Khaki Campbell cross


Phyllis, our very loud, adorable Rouen who loves making herself heard when she is the slightest bit annoyed.


Reyna, our cute little drake-obsessed Mallard/Buff cross.

Vienna, our wonderful flying Mallard/Buff cross (Reyna's sister)

Nyasa, our beautiful, friendly Mallard drake. He used to be a little bossy, but Dory has kind of whacked him into being a more docile guy. He is also a very loving, protective husband to Mildred, they've been paired for a year. (And he is Blaire, Reyna, and Vienna's father)

Mildred, our rambunctious fun-loving, adorable, friendly Khaki Campbell hen. She is the most docile, agreeable duck in the flock, and loves trying new things: Eating cat poop, flying, being broody, and who knows what's next! 

Dory, our Buff Orpington.  She is beautiful, energetic, outspoken, dominant, friendly to people, motherly, and somewhat bossy! She is also the mother to Vienna and Reyna, and raised Fin, Ella, Vienna, Reyna, and Blaire.

Oliver, loyal husband to Dory, leader of the flock, goose-chaser, and explorer. He also enjoys eating cat poop, alerting the flock to dangers great and small, and telling Nyasa and Fin what to do. He is a Fawn and White Runner. 


Fin is our gorgeous hen-infatuated young drake who LOVES swimming and courting the hens. He is learning every day from the older drakes how to be a better mate and protector to the flock. He is a Buff/Mallard cross.


Ella, our gorgeous Buff/Mallard hen (Fin's sister) is a kind of silly, fun-loving duck who loves to dig in the mud, fly, and dive. She also makes it known quite clearly that she doesn't like winter! 

Lucy, our very very active Welsh Harlequin loves foraging all over the yard, regardless of whether she is alone or not, trying to fly (she's far too heavy though!) and coming to us in search of treats. She's currently growing back neck feathers from a rather over enthusiastic drake. (Fin)

Snuggles, our photogenic, stunning, kind of vain little Wood duck. He enjoys flirting with the hens, pecking at the other ducks then running away and looking innocent, and flying with Nyasa. 



That's everyone!!! I will be updating the pictures from time to time. Thank you!!!

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<3 <3 <3 <3 They all sound so adorable and sweet! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L pictures, by the way. ;) 
LOVE the pictures! You have photography skills! Beautiful birds too :)
Thank you both!!!
Great pics and a lovely flock.
Beautiful!  What kind of camera?
Thank you! It's a Canon Rebel Xti. 
So cute! I love your ducks, and how you take the time to learn their personalities! Great pictures, too
Awesome! Here's to getting to know your flock. <ching>
Soo cute....<3 All of your ducks are soo cute and BURD!!!! Snuggles is cuteeeee!
Congratulations, Nathan! Your awesome new camera really captures all the interesting colors and details of your ducks' lovely plumage. They are so beautiful! Snuggles in particular is drool-worthy! You ALMOST make me want to hatch some mallard mixes from our little duck flock, but I think we'll save room for more chickens...right, Alex? ;-)
More chickens! :D Congrats Reina!!!!!!!!
Your ducks are gorgeous. Snuggles has every right to be vain! I love that photo of Oliver - he looks like a penguin (plus I love Indian Runners). 
Congratulations on POW! Your ducks are beautiful in your wonderful pics :-)
Beautiful ducks and awesome pics! Excellent!
They are all adorable and sound like tons of fun! Congrats!
Thank you all!!! @TBirdsTheWord33 I definitely think you should hatch some "lings!!! 
@JaeG that's exactly what I thought! I do too. 
Love seeing your cuties the moment I log in! <3
Their snack of choice is rather interesting, by the way..... ;P
Amari, I was thinking the same poop! That is just way TOO FUNNY! Nathan, we will definitely hatch "lings" someday. Babies from Ling the Wheaton Ameraucana, that is. ;-) I've got my heart set on some bantam Olive Eggers.
Thanks! Haha, yeah... I don't know why they like it!!! 
): I was so happy for a second, until the deep disappointment of your next sentence... (; 
They are all nice looking, and I like Blair's coloring.  GREAT pics and congrats on POW
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