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Pictures And Videos Of Candling Chicken Eggs


Candling Eggs 2

Here are the eggs I'm candling:


I've had the eggs since 5/4/05. We're not sure how old they were when they arrived, but we were told that they wouldn't really start developing until a hen was sitting on them which was two days ago.


Here is how I'm candling the eggs: I take my super high powered LED flashlight and cup my hand to make a tunnel for the light to pass through. I put the flashlight against one side and the egg against the other. It is quick and easy. Below is Alana showing me where the egg is suppose to be:



I've never done this before so I wanted to candle a store bought egg to use as my egg candling benchmark.


Store Bought Egg
One of my fertilized eggs (a few days old)


Here Is my Egg Log. Remember, I'm not exactly sure how old these eggs are, so I'm going to say that Thursday, 5/4 is Day 1 (the first day she was on the eggs all day).




My camera started to have a very hard time focusing on the eggs after day 3 so all the pictures came out too fuzzy to post. If / when we ever do this again I'll be sure to use a better camera and take some better pictures


Today is Mother's Day! What a great day to candle eggs and see if my hen is going to be a mother. I candled all of the 7 eggs. The three big eggs seem to all have well formed webs of veins. The 4 smaller eggs didn't seem as developed, but all of them had what looked like developing chicks. We actually saw a tiny little beating heart in one of the large eggs. I tried to take a video, but it didn't really come out very well. I've been reading that some people don't like to handle the eggs too much, so I'm not sure if I'll continue to candle every day. Curiosity may get the best of me though.

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Comments (22)

that is SO cool
That is amazing! I tried to look at some eggs this morning and unfortunately none of them were fertile. I was very disappointed
This is so cool! I love the video. :D
Love it! I have 7 eggs in an incubator right now,due to hatch this weekend.When I checked them all seven had live chicks!
Keep your fingers crossed!!!
Just freaking out..... candled my wee things a few minutes ago and saw what can only be summed up as... well, maybe something? I'm so stinking eggcited.
day three on my eggs looks like day 1 on your eggs
Do you have to be in a totally dark room? The light does not seem to shine throgh my eggs.!
I tried it on my Rhode Island Red eggs,but their not fertile :(
i hope my eggs are fertle!
do you have more pics?
Here are some pics of our homemade candler:
We were super-excited to see some signs of life!
way cool very helpful
Well my eggs arent moving...or showing any signs of life..
I took them out from under the hen....she kept killing them. And stupid me had the lamp up too high
at about 42C & I think I fried the little angels :(
It wasnt up high for long.....its around 37C that it should be. But still, no signs of life or movement. I will
try again with some more fertilized eggs ^^
That was amazing!
Wow! I had no idea you could see it that well! Thank you so much for posting!
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