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Pinky & the dottes & others...

I have a golden laced wyandotte named Pinky!  He is now 9.5 months old!  He is the prettiest rooster cool.png

His names Pinky b/c of course when he was little I put a pink band on his leg thinkin I had all pullets at 3 wks old, of course he turned out to be a cock! DOH! But I was glad b/c he was our 1st roo! He's tame - I can just walk over to him & pick him up & hold him like a baby - especially when he was going through the horrible puberty stage 4-6 months - started shuffling towards me when I came around & pecked me a few times but I broke him of that QUICK! Pinky has 4 golden laced wyandotte girls...DD "Darkydotte", Harlet (1st one to squat lol), Goldy, & Purpledotte, Brownie (RIP: taken by an animal 1/25/13). They all have their own attitudes. DD's a sweetheart - darkest out of them (hatched her egg 2 wks ago; turned out to be a boy that had the brightest coloring out of 15 babies) - weird.  Anyway here's a pic of her...

Then my little Harlet - She used to be pretty flighty, now she loves me & follows me around alot when I'm outside & is always off wandering by herself. She's also the only 1 that has hairy fluff ears lol, here's her...

Next is Goldy - my favorite - dotte.  She's noticeably diff compared to the others, her chest's so gold that the dotte patterns almost washed out...but I love it; her butt feathers are also totally gold, which I think is just awesome/funny - hehe -

Next is Purpledotte (couldn't think of a better name) she's the boss of the group - besides Pinky of course, pretty easygoing, not as tame as the others though, she has a noticeably shorter comb with a lil pimple on it looks's her...

(R.I.P. 1/25/13) Then there's Brownie, the flightiest & shy...her & harlet usually hang out. She's tried a # of times to pick fights w/our 3 RIR's to get a higher spot in the pecking order but always fails.  Sadly she got taken by some kind of animal :(

Then there's the 15 that was my 1st time hatching my own eggs from my dottes :) here's all 15 of them...we kept the 2 on

my dog's back; their names are Munky & Cinder!

These are only 1/4th of my chickens.  I also have 3 RIR's:  Bluefoot, Greenfoot, & Scaleyfoot...


Then there's my white leghorn Whitey :) she's around 3 now, still lays eggs everyday, big ones!


Then I have my teenagers (4 month olds)...I have 3 Australorps....Pinkylorp, Purplegirl, & Crook.

Next in the teenager group is Fuzzyhead - he's my faverolle/silkie mix...I love him, he's so adorable & was my 1st 5-toed featherfooted chicken :) hehe


Next up is my 4 Nankin/OE mixes :) "Lil Brat", "Angel", "Anya", & "Dawn"

Next I have 2 new silkies, 1 is a blue silkie "Willow", & the other is her best friend "Anya" she's the buff 1.

Next is my sweet Jersey giant pullet, "Jersey", she's getting incredibly pretty :)


Then there's my Jersey giant/Prod. red mix..."Fudge" she's my her black feet w/white body!

Then I have my brand new Seramas; :) I love em already, now just gotta tame em! Rusty is the browner 1, he's spirited & curious, the other roo is Ruger :) I think 1 of the girls will be named "Cruella" b/c they're mean!

Lastly I have 24 chickies atm that were hatched around 1/15/13 (20 dottes - who are going to be sold - 2 faverolles, 1 serama, & 1 leghorn dotte).  The serama is named Whip - b/c he's a miracle chicken - :) & then there's plucky & twinkie for the faverolles & snowball for my leghorn mix.


Just bout covers all my chickens as of now! This whole page took FOREVER to make so I hope u all enjoy it :) Thanks!

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Wow great pictures and beautiful flock.
Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process.
Very nice flock! Congrats on POW!
:D nice birds! Congrats on POW!
Amazing pictures!!
Congrats on POW! Thanks for sharing!
Love your chickens, they are beautiful! I have one Golden Laced Wyandotte myself.
WOW great chickens, you the first person I've seen that has Nankins I reckon every one should be more grateful of them as they are an original "proper" bantam and helped create many other breeds. I absolutely love you 2 Jersey giants ( so so sooooooooooo jealous ) and Pinky is gorgeous so are his girls and their chicks.
Well done on such a wonderful flock.
Wow! Great collection of birds :)
Thanks so much yall ;) I can't believe my page made it :) Im glad though b/c it took forever to make :) I love taking pictures if you can't tell, have wayyyy too many. Since I made this page we actually have incubated and hatched 29 more eggs/chicks..20 dottes, 4 silkie/faverolle mixes, 2 leghorn dotte mixes, and 1 RIR dotte mix & OUR FIRST SERAMA!!! Her names Whip b/c she's a miracle! hehe...
To cluckcluckluke: thanks :) My friend Marty that I got my first eggs from actually was the one that gave me the half Nankins, he's the only 1 I know that has a purebred nankin hen...but he doesn't have a pure rooster, so their OE mixes, but still, My sweet Angel is actually VERY close to the color of her momma!
OHH my, I have one but his name is Red! He is a total sweetheart. The GLW has been an awesome breed and I will always have them. Currently have Red and his 3 girls, spike, mabel and sophie. Red will doze off in my lap if i let him. They are good layers and gentle birds :)
:) jcyny2000: Yea my parents didn't like his name at first b/c it was too "girly" but I just say "It's kinda like one of those prison names like "Tiny" lol think of it that way!" Yea these were our first wyandottes, we saw the silver laced but just loved the look of the golden laced hens especially. So we're starting to breed and sell Pinky & his girls' eggs & chicks along with our new seramas :)
Beautiful chickens!
You sure have a HUGE variety! I really loved looking at your all-star line-up!
I have Pinkys Brother and he is a big boy and when I call him he comes a running.
OMG katsdar you do!!! Are you the guy that came & bought his 2 brothers off of us for $10 ea. way back when they were like 8-10wks old!!!??
I've always preferred the beauty of the Wyandotte over all the others. Something about that broad body and that rose comb. I once had a white Wyandotte hen who used to jump in the truck with me and go for a ride. I'll never forget her.
Gorgeous birds! So shiney and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
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