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Polish Crested Chickens

 Polish Crested Chickens

Polish Rooster

Polish Crested Rooster approx. 1yr 10mths old 13 April 2009

Polish Crested Rooster

Polish Crested Rooster 13 April 2009

Poloish Crested Rooster

Polish Crested

Happy in our Stable Home but waiting for our NEW GARDEN COOP with a view...maybe some additions to our family of 2

Polish Crested Nest Eggs

12 eggs in the nest 13th April 2009 - how many & how long until the chicks hatch......!

(Sadly they never did have and chicks together, but the Rooster has had 7 chicks so far with the white Silkie Hens - 31st May 2011)

New Coop

The New Coop SHOULD eventually look a little like this with a shorter run, auto pop door and more


Here it is! THE NEW COOP! 11th May 2009.

Still a few bits to finish off before the chucks can move in and get to grips with all that grass.

Well, we moved them in but they didn't take to their new home, so we put them back in familiar surroundings......and got 3 little white silkies!

Sadly the Polish Crested hen died in June 2010 from natural causes. The rooster was lonely, so we integrated him into the silkie flock and he's the chief now!



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