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Puget Sounder Fc's Chicken Coop

Old playhouse
This is the old playhouse converted to the guest (chicken coop) house.  Because of the playhouse location towards the front of our backyard we had to hide it.  The neighbor was ok with the idea of the coop hurdle one cleared.  Next a simple but functional design that was clean.  The chicken coop is 4'x8'x 5' high at the peak.  The run is 16'x 4' with a height of 4' up to 7'. The poop door is in the floor not by choice I am working on a fix that will eliminate pine shaving from litter the ground.  The paint was extra we had for the interior and exterior of the our house.  Most of the 2X4's were was recycled from a skate board ramp.  The plexyglass windows on the sides of the coop were one piece.  I just remove the plexyglass cut in half and may some channels for it to open and close.  The hardware cloth is fasten to eye bolts with tie-wraps for easy removal to clean the windows. The flooring is vinyl flooring left over from our kitchen remodel.  We dug a trench around the base as noted on  BYC for we do have predators with in city limits.

26223_puppy_pics_666983.jpg  26223_puppy_pics_667033406.jpg


26223_puppy_pics_667033481.jpg    26223_coop3.jpg


26223_puppy_pics_667033665.jpg  26223_puppy_pics_667033666.jpg

26223_puppy_pics_667033664.jpg  26223_puppy_pics_667033648.jpg 
26223_puppy_pics_667033667.jpg  26223_puppy_pics_667033683.jpg

26223_puppy_pics_667033682.jpg  26223_puppy_pics_667033676.jpg


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