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Pick one of these vintage 22K state collector plates                                                                                                                                                                       

The Sak Crocheted purse



Giani Bernini evening bag, leather



A Pair of 7 1/2 Ann Klein iflex heels in very good condition.


I also have a set of 4 of these things for a smoker.  They hold your chickens upright inside the smoker, they're like little, speculum shaped stands or racks that fit inside the cavity and hold the chicken upright.  Its for one of those weber or weber knock-off smokers; the tallish ones with the dome shaped top.  



I have a brand new set of throw pillow covers, I opened one up and realized that it was the wrong size for my pillows



I have this tool I think its for putting rivets or snaps onto fabric



I have two dolls, one is a Madame Alexander "Baby Alexander" and the other is a plastic doll, cute though


I have some very cool vintage buttons for gardening buffs









Here is another pair of shoes they are leather and size 6




























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Hey Renee; Thank you for the kind comment on my Beau! He is a Quarter Horse with reining and cutting bloodlines on both dam and sire who have earned money on their records. Top side he is a grandson of Shining Spark, Carol Rose's famous reining sire, then on his dam's side he is a grandson of Peppy San Badger who is a top money earner of Cutting horses. Of course these are both from Texas-bred horses!! I love this forum and the peeps here are good ones, don't you think so?
I have a question about the Plectranthus Canina. How tall does that get? Does it have a scent? and does it spread quickly? Well thats more than a question. I had problems with rabbits eating my strawberries last year. I need to keep them away. I would rather have a pretty flower around the garden than an ugly barrier.
It has a smell, but I wouldn't call it a fragrance. The smell is what acts as a deterrent. It smells sort of like a certain herb which is now legal in California, Oregon and Colorado, if you know what I mean. The flower is truly beautiful and you really need to be face to face with the plant to smell it. I use it to keep the chickens off of the steps, but for the garden, I've got a havahart spray away. It is a motion activated sprinkler, works like a charm for everything but ducks, ducks really don't care about being sprinkled with water, but then again, ducks just rifle through the leaves and mulch for bugs, they don't actually scratch at the dirt.
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