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Riggs Pallet Coop





Riggs Pallet Coop!














This is our finished coop!!!! We have the barn, and right next to the barn, is our pig pen and right next to that is the chicken coop.. Read on to see how it all came together...



After a bunch of research on BYC and getting great ideas, we started our hen house last weekend. I can't wait to see the finished project. My goal is to use all our materials that we have on hand. 

So far we are using pallets, pallet planks and old fence boards of a fence we took down last year.. The chicken coop is going to be 3'x4' with a 16x7 run with 3 nesting boxes for 4 hens.. We have the coop in our garden which is going to be completely fenced off when we are completely done with this project in a few months. 


This is what we started with: 



Nesting boxes is 16 inched long and 13 inches tall 







  I can't wait to finish it this weekend if the weather holds up! Then on to the run and the garden fence, oh and the pig pen....... Will post more pictures of our progress. 



Finished the putting up the siding on the front and on the side..



This project is taking longer than I thought it would.. But we are having fun.



We painted and now need to add trim and the lid for the nest boxes. Hopefully the weather holds up so we can start on that today. I had a friend that does sheet metal make me a pan to slide in the bottom of the coop to make it easy to clean.


02/17/2013: Update: Garden fence is up!!! All the material we got for free from our uncle that was replacing his deck with new deck boards.. Great way to recycle used materials and the best thing was it was all free. The roof my husband got from a guy that was taking down a metal shed.. ALL FREE!!!






Not quite done... Need to add more wire and the roof.. I think maybe one more weekend, Maybe two..


Update 02/20/2013: Our barn got delivered today.. It was a experience in its self.




Don't drop it on the garage, the Harley is in there..:)  








The pig pen is going to go between the coop and the barn on the concrete. We are going to separate the pen and building a box and filling it in with dirt so they have somewhere to get off the concrete. It's much cleaner this way.. Last year we had a big mud pit from the misters and the girls had a hard time cleaning it.. 


03/10/2013: Pig pen is done! Whoo hoo.. Next weekend will hopefully will finish the roof for the run for the chickens. The roof is corrigated metal from an old building that was torn down. We are going to extend it over the run for the chickens.



Hopefully we will be mostly ready for our hens next weekend.


***03/22/2013**** 2 Months later:::









The pan we are going to fill with the sweet sand so it's easy to clean.

One more day to finish trim and I think we'll be ready for Chickens!


03/24/2012 Finally it's all finished:






We made vents on top and on the sides of the coop.


Two roost bars. 






Whew! We get chickens next weekend!



Comments (8)

Looking good so far.
Great use of recycled materials :)
Love it !! Mine is pallets also ,
Thanks, my goal is to not pay alot but not have it look like it's made of pallets.
just found free pallets to start my new coop. That one looks like it will weigh a ton when finished. will it stay where built or will you need to move it?
It is heavy, if we have to move it we are only moving it to the right a few feet, which can be down with a few people... We are trying to save as much as possible, but if we would have put regular siding up instead of using the pallet planks I don't think it would be as heavy.. But it still would be heavy.. I wish it was just a tad bigger.
I wish there were more pictures of it the coop itself. We're building around 5 pallet coops and a duck house this year and I need a lot of examples.
Looking good too.
The coop is pretty small.. BUILD BIGGER! I think mine will only house up to 4 hens. But the run is big.. We are still working on it. I'll post more pictures of the coop tomorrow. But it's not done yet.
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