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Sally Sunshine's Chickens, Swaps and Shhhtuff





Sally Sunshine's

Chickens, Swaps and Shhhtuff




Owed to me from

NewYears Hatch-a-long for Spring 2013












I owe, I owe ,its off to work I go!





Hinkel Haus Hens

Our breakfast layer coop!

Here is the link to Plans/Instructions for this CHEAP PALLET Coop





Our girls are Light Brahama, RIR, EE,

 Barred Rocks, BBS Cochin, Crested Cream Legbar, Russian Orloffs & Black Polish!

More pics coming soon!






We have 2 BEAUTIFUL Big Blue Roos in the pen with 6 Hens, 4 Blue & 2 Gold hens.

NOTE: some pics below do include our Partridge Roos that have since moved to other pens.

Poultry breeding Tips and Understanding Blue Genes click here CLICK HERE

Brahmas are calm, friendly birds that make good pets or exhibition fowl if handled properly. Males are calm and generally not aggressive towards humans, but possess good instincts for defense of the flock and will often dance for the females. Females are very sweet and docile. They are not skittish or easily scared, making them a popular choice for families with children. Due to their quiet demeanor, Brahmas can be easily trained so that they can be handled by almost anyone.

They are HUGE! These are pics from fall....



















































Silver Spangled Spitzhauben

I own my DREAM chickens!













Serama & Frizzled Serama!

NOTE we BREED for Frizzle because thats what everyone wants!











3 week old chicks!































White Faced Spanish LF










Younger WFS below









 pics to come when its warmer out! 










































Comments (6)

Wonderful pictures and birds!
What beautiful birds now I have to have more silkies and chochins and I am going to blame it on you after seeing your pics I cant help it my husband is just going to have understand at least I dont want diamonds and gold so he should really be glad
The pictures are super cute!
WOW! The pics are GORGEOUS! What kinds of chicks do you have available?
I LOVE THE WFBS!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!
BackYard Chickens › chicken pics & info › Sally Sunshines Chickens Swaps And Shhhtuff