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Springfield Illinois Chicken Ordinance

Springfield Illinois Chicken Ordinance

Are Chickens Allowed in this location Yes
Max Chickens Allowed Varies by zone
Roosters Allowed No
Permit Required Yes
Coop Restrictions
City/Organization Contact name
Additional Information Varies. No free ranging is allowed. No chickens allowed in Zone E without a \"lease\". Muncipal Code, Article II, 96.022. Regulation of livestock and poultry. § 96.022. Regulation of livestock and poultry. No person shall cause or permit any domestic livestock or poultry to run at large in zone E. Any livestock or poultry found at large in zones A, B, C, D, or E, may be taken up by the city and sold to pay the expense of taking, keeping, advertising, and selling such livestock or poultry and all damages caused to the city or its property by such livestock or poultry. No livestock or poultry shall be kept in zone E except in such places and to such limited extent as may be expressly authorized by the city by lease and in a manner not tending to pollute any part of the reservoir or to be offensive or annoying to any custodian of any marginal land in such zone. No animal or poultry shall be allowed to stand, wallow, wade, or swim or be washed or watered in the reservoir. No person shall bring, drive, or lead any domestic livestock in zone E, except in lawful use of the public highway and except horses and draft animals while engaged in work or ridden on such portions of zone E as may be designated for riding or driving. No person shall cause or permit any horse or other animal to stand in any street, road, or parkway unless securely hitched or under control of some responsible person. Cross references: Animals at large, Ch. 91.
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Before I bought my birds this spring, I found the above written ordinance online as well.  I also found some conflicting sources.  Finally, I just called the city and asked.  The gentleman I spoke to told me that there was no real ordinance on chickens in the city, as long as other ordinances were being abided by; i.e. nuisance, building permit, commerce, etc...  I didn't believe him and asked for confirmation.  He called me back the next day after speaking with the people in charge of that office and reaffirmed what he had previously told me.  I figured at that point, I had made a good-faith effort to comply with the law and proceeded with my BYC project.  I was still skeptical, but, sleeping dogs, right? :)  Anyway, I just came across this article which seems to back up what I was told.  If the city comes for me, I'll make sure I lead them to the Governor's Mansion up the road to write some citations too!!!
BackYard Chickens › Laws and Ordinances › Springfield Illinois Chicken Ordinance