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*Mix Hosta seeds.  These will be seeds collected from my Hostas for you to try growing your very own Hostas.  Hostas do not breed true and take at least 5 years to mature.  Seeds will come from various size and color plants.  There is a slight chance there may be streaked seed in the mix.  Using a streaked pod parent is the only way to develop a streaked and/or variegated.  I will send directions on seed starting.



* 6 Nutrena Feed bags.  (All Stock, All Flock (purple), Meat bird (orange), Horse, cracked corn, and maybe rabbit)


* Hosta Tambourine


*Hosta Little Red Rooster


101_1210.JPG  101_1211.JPG


*6 + Mix and match Eggs

BBS Cochins


Iowa Blue Rooster


BBS Cochin

Heritage RIR

Black Langshan


Blue/Black Ameraucana

Olive Eggers covered by Welsummer or Black Ameraucana

F1 EE/OE (these are bantams)

Iowa Blue

Cuckoo Marans

Crested/noncrested duck eggs

Coturnix Eggs

Light Partridge Sizzle (non silkied but frizzled carrying the silkie gene) covered by White Silkie

Small NN covered by Blue Silkie

Bantam Langshan (molting)

Golden Laced Polish (stingy layer)


I also have my layer pen that produces some NN but some really pretty boys (I think Crele pattern) and some JG x Wellie in with New Hampshire and Black Ameraucana

The ducks

The ducks are laying again!


Looking For:  Eggs (Turkey, African Goose, Peafowl, Silkie, Sizzle, MF Leghorn, Jersey Giants, BLRW, SFH, non Pearl Gray Guinea, Serama, Most anything :lau Just ask)

Pay Pal


Cayuga Duck

Something I can gift to somebody


Swaps Owed to Others



Swaps Owed to me


Key  SS = Side Swap  WYGS = What you got swap  OCEC = Online Crazy Egg Chain   LF = Large Fowl Only Crazy Egg Chain

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