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Temporary Tractor

My Temporary Tractor

Hi, thought I might in introduce myself. I am new to chickens. My twins
brought home 2 from the first grade. I don't know what kind they are. Tyson
gave a bunch of eggs and incubators to the first grade to hatch as a
project. My tractor/brooder is a scavenged shopping cart holder from Dollar
general. I built a plywood box with a hinged roof, put a light in and cut
the legs off. We put the chicks in, they seem to be pretty happy with there
new home. My kids are having a ball with them. I am going to try and post
some pics of the first brooder and my second one.








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How are your chickens doing? I'm concerned that if Tyson donated the eggs to the school, they might be from a commercial genetic breed, a type that grows fast and fat but doesn't live long.
I was thinking the same thing.  Look at the legs.  Look like Cornish Rocks or the likes to me.
BackYard Chickens › Chicken Coop Plans › Temporary Tractor