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The Country cabin

Once the kids out grew the playhouse I made plans for it....

I re-purposed it into the Country Cabin..

3 egg boxes on the sides



added water drinker nipples


curtains for a touch of coziness ;)


man door with slide access door and ramp.


added country shutters and a metal rooster medallion at the peak.


then we added a 12 ft run so they can be safe from the hawks. added another water drinker that fills

from the rain coming off the metal roof..


and I was very happy with the first creation, we built a second coop similar,


2ND coop to accommodate the love of raising chickens and having fresh eggs


added a country star window decor ,hanging lantern, star medallionGPEnder

and for added shade we grew gourds that vined over the run...added shrubs and flowers ,

What hen wouldn't feel at home here? :weee









Comments (5)

that's a sweet set up,well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very functional and cosey! I love the look!
BackYard Chickens › Chicken Coop Plans › The Country Cabin