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The Flock, November 2016!

Here are a few recent shots of my babies! :) 


Rose (Cream Legbar) enjoying a little relaxation time under the pine tree. 


Elle McFeatherson (Olive Egger) is quite the poser! 

I thought Cassie (Appenzeller Spitzhauben) almost looked feral out in the soybean field. She's a pretty girl and she knows it! :lol:

Cassie and Missy (Spitzhaubens) spending time together.

Sass and Missy

Iris (Egyptian Fayoumi) rarely stands still, so I'm amazed I was able to catch her long enough for a picture! 

Had to throw a ducky in there! Amira (Khaki Campbell) making the most of fall with her quack buddies. 

Flighty Sapphira

Sapphira again, only wearing a leaf necklace this time. :lol: She put that there herself! 

Long-Neck keeping a close eye on me.

Mr. HandsomePants being handsome! ;)

Wimpy and Sterling enjoying a bath. :)

I found Baby (Barred Rock) trying to catch a moment's rest under a stump. 

Playing a game of peek-a-boo! with Uni. (Black Rosecomb bantam) Just look at those enormous bug eyes! :love

Iris (L) and Minnie (R) foraging. 

Barracuda (Mille Fleur d'Uccle) and fall foliage.

The best rooster I've ever had, Ling. (Wheaten Ameraucana bantam) 


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These are great pics! Congrats on POW
Just beautiful! You take lovely pics, as always.
Wonderful pictures!  Ling is absolutely gorgeous and congrats on POW as well!
Congratulations! They all look like winners!
What a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L flock! <3 Congrats on POW, so very much deserved!
Congratulations Amari! They are really beautiful.
Thank you so much, sumi, @lovechicks1293 , Banti, Abbey, Joel, Isabella, and Aaron! :) *HUGS*
congratulations Alex ! Your flock is so pretty! Great pictures.
Great job, Amari! You have a wonderful flock! <3
Beautiful birds love the variety.
Beautiful, I remember I squeezed Barracooties, and Ling,<3. Post some of Arlene ;)
Gorgeous chickens! And congrats! I love those pictures by the way. 
They are beautiful. I love your pictures.
Gorgeous photos!  Just stunning!
Thank you SOOOOO much, everybody! <3 :D
BackYard Chickens › chicken pics & info › The Flock November 2016