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The Truth about Hawks

Hawks are often given bad reputations as ruthless killers. This could not be farther from the truth.





  • Often mate for life
  • Lay Relatively Small Hatches
  • If they can not catch their meal easily  they will usually move on. 



     Laws Regarding Hawks:  



  • ​It is illegal to kill any Bird of prey Species because they are protected under the Migratory Bird Act


  It is illegal to disturb Hawks. This includes:

  • Throwing Rocks
  • Shooting at them
  • Stealing Eggs
  • Shooting Paintballs
  • Shooting Bottle Rockets
  • Setting off any firework nears them
  • Using Flare Guns
  • Shaking eggs to prevent Hatching




What can I do about Hawks?


Your tactics have to be defense not offense. You must remember these are deterrents and not guaranteed solutions. 



Common used hawk deterrents: 

  • Hanging Old Cd's through out the run
  • Attracting Crows with Bird feeders
  • Scarecrows 
  • Running fishing line through out your yard
  • Owl Statue
  • Livestock Dogs
  • Geese


Comments (6)

Agreed; this is a good article.
Thanks OwlLover.
Yes, thank you... killing everything around you that can eat your animals isn't the answer. I have hawk visitors everyday and haven't lost a bird to one in a year. Even when I do, it's my fault for one reason or another and it is always a bantam. It's sad, but I shrug it off to nature doing what comes naturally. No need for a wildlife war in your backyard.
Great article! No, I don't think they are ruthless killers. Though I just can't say I love them since one killed my favorite chicken. 
Good and true information, Love to see other see raptors as one of creators creatures and not as some evil spirit.
We have Red Tailed, Cooper's and Harris Hawks on our property or passing over it most days. I know we have two Red Tailed families nesting on our land and from the nest I found last weekend we may even have a golden eagle family. Love to hear them talking to each other too. The Red Tailed Hawk is both my spirit animal and my naming animal.
Thanks! This helps a lot!
BackYard Chickens › Member Pages › The Truth about Hawks