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Time4chickens's Chicken Coop

54110_013.jpg54110_009.jpg54110_010.jpg54110_001.jpg54110_002.jpg54110_004.jpg54110_003.jpg   Cool     2 weeks old today.....

Daffodil, Dandelion and Daisy.

    I got them the day they hatched...on April 19th,  2010



2 weeks and 4 days old.  out and about with Gavin.....then back in the house for more growing



Chicken coop in progress.....


54110_100_0882.jpg54110_100_0883.jpg54110_100_0879.jpg54110_100_0880.jpg   Oh no !.. .... .... there are roosters in the hen house


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BackYard Chickens › Coop Designs › Time4chickens's Chicken Coop