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Tsisqua's Tsitaga Girls



My four, cute, little peeps have become four, beautiful pullets, soon to be hens!


OMG!!  First Egg Today!! 



Not sure which one laid the egg, but suspect Bridgett - one of the RIRs.  She's been assuming the position whenever touched for about a week now, and we just noticed that the other girls are starting this, too.  The girls will be 23 weeks old this Friday.  My 29 year old son found the egg - he's never been around chickens, and the look on his face, standing there holding that warm little egg was priceless!  He said he never thought he would love these birds quite this much!


16 January 2017 - My four girls have been consistently laying 3 to 4 eggs per day, and have done wonders with my 30' x 40' garden!



Take a look at all the weeds in this portable run - they make short work of them!  Here's a shot from last weekend:



All of the bare areas were worked by my girls!  The soil is so much better, and I've noticed that I don't have pests like I did last year at this time!  Awesome!


And check out the antique egg basket I found -



Life is certainly good!


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BackYard Chickens › chicken pics & info › Tsisquas Tsitaga Girls