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Wandering Hollow Farm

Hey y'all! I've been wanting to make a flock photo article for a while, and now I'm finally getting around to it :D Note that not ALL the pics are of chickens... I also have goats, rabbits and ducks. Enjoy!!


These are my feet, encased in boots :P


Clover and Marmalade... The Nigerian Dwarf goats


Moo-Moo.. another dwarf goat


The kids!! 


Attagirl, the incredibly silly French Alpine... Chewing on my buttons.


Daisy, our crippled Pekin, who gets around just as well as the others.


Ginger, the Flemish Giant rabbit


Snowshoe, the Flemish, is sniffing Ginger


A mix of Giant babies... And Dulcie, the Netherland Dwarf


FORT CLUCK. 'nuff said


Easter, the Easter Egger (original name!) laying an egg


Fluzzard, our Bantam Cochin Frizzle Rooster.


A black sex link.


Begging for treats!


Cedar, a Black Sex Link


Multi, an Easter Egger


Inquisitive Australorp  


Aussie almost blowing away :P


Duckies! Brownie (blue runner) Hot Dog Bob (buff) and assorted Khakis.


It was a BEAUTIFUL day... Even if it snowed this morning!


More duckies... Eating rabbit food off the ground.




Hope you liked the pictures! I liked taking them :P


~TroyerGal, a.k.a Savannah~


Comments (8)

I want your animals! Especially the goats. And ducks. And chickens. And rabbits.

Oh, hand over the boots while you're at it! :D
Awesome article Savannah! The kids are sooo cute!!
Outstanding article! Pretty animals too!
Very nice pictures Savanah! *thumbsup*
Thank's y'all!!! *hugs*
BackYard Chickens › chicken pics & info › Wandering Hollow Farm