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Here are a few pictures of the chicken scene on our little farm.


Picture of Cote and Aviairy



Another Picture of Cote with Coop in background


Another Picture of Cote with Coop in background


We will be taking orders later this winter for hatching eggs.

Some of the breeds we will have available are:

Black Quechua Olmec




Koro Sea

Sweet Potato Quechua


Please feel free to contact me with any questions








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Welcome and i am glad to see that there are a few new pages (gee you go to sleep for a few hours and everything happens )

For a page to be approved we use this sheet as a guide line. That would be the best page ever made kind of deal, We know that's a long and lengthy list so we would like the basic things

~ Images (male and Female)
~ Detailed history (or as detailed as you can find)
~ Weights of mature birds.
~ Special housing needs (if applicable Ie. a Wood duck would need a different kind of run then an Silver Appleyard.)
~ Length of breeding season (all season, a few weeks etc)
~ temperament
~ physical description
~ purpose (and its abilities/characteristics in that area)

You can see the list here:

And of course if you have any questions PM me or post them on this topic.

Edited by call ducks - 3/10/11 at 9:44am
that was cut and pasted- let's follow some of their guidelines and get pages set up here and on the Plymouth Colony Farm website- what do you think?
Sounds great!
I almost have the Plymouth Colony Farm website ready. Just need to add a few more details..I can make a page for each of the breeds here on BYC also.
Fayoumi is still misspelled
How can I acquire some Quechua Olmec hatching eggs?
Wow, what a cool list of birds. Do you have any updated info on how to order?
Send me a PM anytime. Otherwise check back from time to time to see if there is an active listing.
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