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How to Process a Chicken at Home

  With the rising cost of food and especially meat, many people are looking to closer to home to start raising their food. Backyard gardens are on the rise, and many people are starting to raise their own chickens for eggs. Meat chickens are one meat source that can be raised with minimal space (compared to say, a cow), convert feed efficiently, and can be processed at home with not much more than a sharp knife and a big pot.    This post will go through all of the steps to process a chicken at home.   Obviously, this is "graphic". If you aren't here to see... read more


Socializing Baby Chickens to get friendly Hens/Roos       The worst thing to do is have un-socialized chickens that want to peck you on site, or have friends come over for us only to say "Don't touch that chicken, he's a pecker." So that's why I want to show you how to properly socialize and care for your baby chicken before all that starts to happen.  Lets get started on when you first day get your baby chicks -     -Arrival Day- Your chicks are around three days old, so like it says above, try to minimize any touch to your chicks on the first few... read more


10 Health Precautions for Backyard Chicken Owners   Note: This page is for people who have a suppressed immune system, asthma, COPD or any condition that makes them especially susceptible to illnesses.  A search of the BYC Forum or a Google search will help in obtaining further information about each of the illnesses and precautions mentioned below.   In order to remain healthy around chickens, most people don’t need to do anything other than wash their hands after handling their chickens.  However, there are many people who must be extra cautious because of... read more

Taking the plunge--getting my own chickens. Where do I begin?

When I was a little girl, one of the greatest adventures was accompanying my grandparents on their annual spring trip to our local feed store, where they would buy 50 or 60 little yellow peepers to take back to their Texas ranch.   There they were settled in the ‘broody house’—an extension of my grandmother’s big henhouse—to lounge under a warm light and drink out of their Mason jar waterers till they were feathered out and big enough to join the rest of her flock of white Leghorns.  I’d sit in there as long as my grandmother would let me, watching them tumble around,... read more

The 9 Comb Types

1. The Single The single comb is the most common. It is a simple straight row of spikes beginning at the bird's nostrils and sweeping back its head.   "Pearl," winner of the single comb contest, owned by elsasmom   Click here to see more single combs!     2. The Buttercup The buttercup comb is quite the novel headgear for poultry, and is reserved for the breed that carries its name. In appearance, the buttercup comb has a very small single comb in the center, with a larger one on either side.   3. The Pea Pea combs often have 3 rows of "peas" side by... read more

~Six tips on breaking your egg eater~

Describe '~Six tips on breaking your egg eater~' here       ~Six tips on breaking your egg eater!~                     Egg eating is a nasty habit sometimes found in young pullets, and even older hens. Although many people may say egg eating is impossible to break, and to just cull the hen, in many cases this is not true. Egg eating often starts when an egg is accidentally broken in the nest box, and the hen pecks at it. Finding that this weird yellow substance is tasty, they will quickly devour it, and when they lay their next egg- look for more.... read more


Save A Chick Baby chicks can be a wonderful part of any family.  Unfortunately every year thousands of the chicks don't receive the care they need.  For this reason our forum community has come together to create the "Save A Chick Campaign".     We need your help! Below are a few brochures and postcards designed by our forum members.  Print these and hand them out to new chick owners or give them to your local feed stores to pass out to their customers.  Click the image below to download the main pamphlet file in PDF format.  It is two pages designed to... read more

Chicken Coloring Books - Pictures And Art By The BYC Community

BYC Member Created Coloring Book!   You can download the BYC Coloring book as a PDF or browse all the images: 1)  The Official BYC Coloring Book (500kb PDF): 2)  All the submissions have been placed in the BYC Gallery:                                                                                  read more

How To Raise & Process Chickens for Meat - Tips & Pictures

This is an index of pages for information on raising and processing meat birds.  Some of the links have graphic pics.       Plucking a Hen by Waxing (warning, graphic pics)   The Emotional Side of Chicken Processing How to Process a Chicken at Home (graphic pics)     Comparison of Breeds and Ages of Chickens for Meat   Understanding the USDA Processing Exemptions   Using Older Chickens for Meat... read more

Chicken Behaviors & Egg Laying - Common Questions & Answers

Describe 'Chicken Behaviors & Egg Laying - Common Questions & Answers' here read more

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