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Getting Started Raising Chickens

  Raising Chickens 101 How-To Basics   The Pros & Cons of Raising Chickens Why Raise Chickens?   Local Chicken Laws & How To Change Them New Chicken Keeper's Questions & Answers   Choosing A Chicken Breed What Does It Costs To Raise Chickens?   Raising Chickens on a Shoestring Interesting Facts About Chicken Eggs   So You Want a Colorful... read more

Bobcat - Chicken Predators - How To Protect Your Chickens From Bobcats

  General Information & Description   The bobcat (Lynx Rufus) is a member of the Felidae cat family. The most common wild cat in the US, the bobcat is named for it's short, bobbed tail. Bobcats are about twice the size of the average domestic cat and they tend to be larger in it's northern range and in open habitats. They have brown spots on a grey coat with black tufted ears, black bars on the forelegs and a stubby, black-tipped tail. Though they have been heavily hunted for sport and for their furs, their population has proven resilient. They breed between... read more

Marek's Disease - How To Prevent Marek's Disease & Treat Your Chickens

  Marek's Disease (written by Message Board member chickchair)   When we all order a shipment of chicks from a hatchery, most offer optional vaccination for Marek's disease for a nominal charge. If you are like me, you may have known nothing about the disease and are wondering what the risks versus the benefits of having your chicks vaccinated are.. I am posting links to information on Marek's to help you make a more informed decision.   I, myself, have lost a chick to Marek's, and a close friend has just lost one as well. It is heart wrenching to watch the... read more

Hatching Eggs And Raising Chicks

  Hatching Eggs 101   How To Incubate & Hatch Eggs The "Dry Incubation" Method   Incubation Cheat Sheet Homemade Incubators   Homemade Brooders How to Make a Homemade Egg Candler   Candling Pics   Diagnosing incubation problems   Diagnosing hatch failures - It starts with the egg Pictures &... read more

Why Raise Chickens In Your Backyard? The Many Reasons & Benefits

Are Chickens the new "dog"?   Having a small backyard flock of chickens is a growing trend in countries around the world. And it is not just country folks who enjoy raising chickens, more and more cities are relaxing their laws and ordinances and allowing chickens, so city dwellers can enjoy this pleasant hobby too. Many celebrities such a Jennifer Aniston, Barbra Streisand, Miley Cyrus, Chevy Chase, Reese Witherspoon and Martha Steward raise backyard chickens. So why are pet chickens so popular? Let's have a look at some of the benefits of raising backyard... read more

Rat - Chicken Pests - How To Protect Your Chickens From Rats

  General Information and Description   Widely considered a pest in homes and farms, rats are long-tailed rodents in the biological superfamily Muroidea. Their large size distinguishes them from mice. Rats like to live alongside humans, and take every opportunity to prey on their food and livestock. These predators often do their dirty work at night. Rats are also known to carry zoonotic pathogens, or animal-borne diseases like Leptospira and Weil’s disease. In fact, the Black Death that plagued Europe in the 1300s is believed to be caused by black rats... read more

Impacted Crop - How To Treat Your Chickens - Surgery - Graphic Pics

  Crop Surgery Performed - Truly Graphic but Informative Pics - By Ruth   Well, you can add one more thing to the list of things I never thought I would do in a million years.  I operated on a hen tonight and performed crop surgery.   She has been impacted for at least three weeks, getting more and more frail.  I've had her inside and have been feeding her soft foods and olive oil and doing regular deep tissue massages in an effort to break up the hard mass in her crop.  When she could no longer eat and it was apparent she was having difficulty... read more

Menu Test

Getting Started Raising Chickens Hatching Eggs & Raising Chicks Housing & Feeding Your Chickens Maintaining a Healthy Flock   Small Coops Medium Coops Large Coops Chicken Tractors Incubators Chicken Brooders Waterers &... read more

Possum - Chicken Predators - How To Protect Your Chickens From Possums

  Possum   General Information & Description    The possum is North America's only marsupial mammal. (The female has a marsupium in which she carries and nurses her young until they are 2-3 months old.) Mature possums are roughly the same size as a cat, has grey to black fur, black eyes, pink noses, feet and tails, black ears and pointed noses. Possums are usually slow moving, nocturnal animals. Gentle and placid animals who prefer a quiet solitary life, they may growl, hiss and bare their teeth when threatened and will sometimes, when frightened and unable... read more

Housing And Feeding Your Chickens

  Chicken Coops - Designs & Pictures   Homemade Chicken Feeders & Waterers   Space Needed Per Chicken / Sq. Feet   Deciding to Free Range Your Flock Tractors vs Permanent Coops   Tractors vs Permanent - Pros & Cons Chicken Treat Chart   Reducing Feed Costs Nesting Boxes   Using Sand in Your... read more

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